Ali’s May 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up

Ali here ~
May was an exciting month for us! My oldest turned 18 and graduated all at the same time! The hubs and I are very proud of him!!

Amidst all the excitement around our oldest, I still got in some reading. Let’s look at my May TBR and see how I did ~

Never Never ~ This was a reread for me. I give it 5 stars! I just love the mystery!! For every answer there was a thousand more questions!
Made in London ~ 3.5 stars; I didn’t love this one but it was still enjoyable enough to keep me flipping the pages.
Imperfect Match ~ 4 stars; See review HERE
Strange the Dreamer ~ I am still reading this one – slowly it seems. I have a hardcover copy I’m reading, and I only get to spend a little time during the day reading it. I read from my kindle at night. So, while I am absolutely LOVING it, it’s slow going.
Caraval ~ 5 Stars; This was my FAVORITE completed this month! I loved the uniqueness of the story and the mystery!

Throne of Glass ~ This was another 5 star reread for me! I have my middle child and my mother both reading this series now. They both just finished Throne of Glass and both really enjoyed it! I LOVE being able to talk to them about it!!
Storm and Fury ~ Umm. I had a brain fart here putting this on my May TBR without having an ARC when it’s not released yet….
To Love a Prince ~ 3.5; I was disappointed with this one. The first book in the duet had such a nice slow burn and this one had the couple jumping each other from the start. I needed to feel a reconnection to the characters first. But, the story was good enough to keep me interested and turning pages.
A Season to Dance ~ 3.5; I liked the plot, but had some trouble connecting to the MC.
Enthralled ~ This was a DNF for me. I was only a little of the way in and wasn’t feeling it when the formatting became all jacked up on my kindle copy. I just didn’t bother trying to get it fixed since I wasn’t connecting with the book yet. I may give it another try later. It just wasn’t suiting my mood at the time.

Tumble ~ 4 stars; This was a decent read but probably my least favorite Adriana Locke.
Fluffy ~ This was the only book on my TBR that didn’t get looked at. I just ran out of time.
Violent Delights ~ 4 stars; There were things that bothered me about this book and things I loved about it. Either way, I can’t wait to read the next one, which comes out this month (I only just learned that today).
Praying for Rain ~ 3.5; I have a love/hate relationship with this book. There were so many things that bugged me, and yet I was hooked and have to have the next book!!
Lover Reborn ~ I’m not quite through, but I only have about 5% left. I am loving this BDB book! I just LOVE Lassiter!! But I really can’t wait to get to the next book!! I have been wanting Qhuinn and Blay’s story FOREVER!!!

Aside from these, I got in 3 other books this month ~

Boyfriend Bargain ~ 4.5 stars; See my review HERE.
Illusion on Ice ~ 3 stars; This book was just ok for me.
Written With Regret ~ 5 Stars! Definitely one of my favorites of the month!! See my review HERE.

I got a total of 13 books read this month. This was definitely a slower reading month for me, but no biggie! I’ve completed a total of 80 books this year. That puts my goodreads challenge at 80/160. I’m 50% finished and 14 books ahead of schedule.
I’m at 16/26 on my ⚜️ Shh… ⚜️ Big Bad Shhlut 2019 Reading Challenge! ⚜️ I’m well on track to finish it on time! I also started a Bingo board in May that I intend to complete this year. I’ll have an update on that around the middle of this month.
Stay tuned. I’ll be posting my June TBR next! Thanks so much to all of you that helped me narrow down which books I’ll be reading this month!!!


8 thoughts on “Ali’s May 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Great wrap up! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed Caraval and Throne of Glass–they’re some of my favorite series 🙂 I also really enjoyed Strange the Dreamer. Happy June reading!


  2. 13 books read in less than a month…….with a kid that just graduated (congratulations to the kid by the way), now I guess that he’s 18 and on his own you’ll get to read at least 40 books a month. You must be a quick reader. But I can beat you one one thing, a read a book 5 times. Not kidding.


    • Thanks! I have actually read some of the same books more than 5 times. I’m a homeschool teacher and tutor, so I often have to reread the same books. BUT, I actually read my favorites over and over whenever I’m in the mood – just like rewatching your favorite movie. I am a fast reader, though, so it helps!

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