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Ali here ~

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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start! Today’s Top Ten topic is Unpopular Bookish Opinions. I honestly thought I was going to skip on this one. I thought and thought and thought and couldn’t come up with any. But, then I started reading some other blogger opinions and that helped jar my brain. So, here are 10 of my unpopular opinions.


I wouldn’t be reading all I read or blogging today without it. But, if I’m being honest, it’s not even just nostalgia. I can still reread it today and love it just as much as the first time, which leads me to my next unpopular opinion.


I know this isn’t wholly unpopular. There are a lot of you that reread, but I’m surprised at the number of people that are against it. I tend to go a step further, though. I don’t just reread once or twice with the books I love. That book up top…I’ve read close to ten times. I tend to just want to move into my favorites.


Caraval comes to mind since it’s the latest book that I picked up from hype, and it so didn’t disappoint. I can’t say that I have loved every hyped book. I don’t love them because they’re hyped. I do have my own opinions. I just usually agree with the general population.


Them only time I read a really long review is because I’m looking for something specific about a book to know if I want to read it. I like to go into books blind, so I don’t like to hear all about it. I just want to know how much you liked it and the bare minimum about the whys and why nots.


This is a new one for me. I actually didn’t realize this until a couple months ago. I had had a TBR list that spanned hundreds of books and many years. I made the drastic decision, though, to delete them all. I deleted every book that I didn’t intend to read that month. I was surprised to see that I didn’t even recognize most of the books clogging up my TBR list. Now I add to my list each month and then delete the books that don’t make the cut for my next month’s TBR. I have found that this makes me a whole lot pickier about the books I pick up and spend my time on. I am absolutely loving this new strategy for tackling my TBR!


There are a thousand reasons why I, at 40 something, love YA books. I won’t bore you with the long list.


A.L. Jackson comes to mind. She has the most beautiful poetic style, and I’d have missed that if I didn’t read romance. And the plots…AHMAZING!


This will probably have more people gasping than anything. I just don’t drink coffee. AT ALL.


I really don’t. I just don’t want to read the same story I’ve already read. But, I find it absolutely amazing when I think an author is writing the same story I’ve already read only to find that they totally tricked me, and they are taking the same trope but twisting it all up so that it’s something entirely new. I LOVE IT!!


I am seeing more and more people that don’t want a romance in their story at all. This makes me sad. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic. I want to see the love. And I promise y’all, it does exist!! I just celebrated 21 years with my hubs that I love now more than ever!!

And I promise we’re not one in a million. I have a lot of friends that are celebrating marriages even longer than mine. Love is real and alive. It’s the best and I wish it for all of you!

Happy Reading,


29 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Unpopular Opinions

  1. OH yes i agree with all of this! and congrats on celebrating 21 years with your husband! you two look so cute ❤ hard same about the long reviews thing. i mean i write long reviews so i’m a hypocrite, but i like going into books knowing as little about them as possible! i think that really adds to my experience and i didn’t know much going into my favorite books and now i love them to bits


  2. This is a great list and I agree with pretty much all of it! Honestly, I wonder if I’d like Twilight if I read it now but I remember reading it during my uni years (of almost no reading) and pretty much loving it! I didn’t know rereading was such an unpopular opinion? I myself don’t do it often, if ever, but only because my mind keeps going forward to the books I haven’t read yet! Maybe one day–I have several I wanna reread 🙂


    • I wouldn’t have thought it was unpopular either, but I have people on the regular ask me how I can stand to reread books. I just equate it to them watching their favorite movies more than once.

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      • Oh, interesting! I mean, I would love to reread more but I just feel like my brain will rebel because it already knows what will happen (especially with favorites)? But I’d definitely like to reread books I read years and years ago and hardly remember now!


  3. I liked Twilight when I read it but I am not sure that I would feel the same now. I read it and talked it over with my daughter so I have good memories with the book. I love, love, love to re-read. I once deleted all of the books listed as “to read” on goodreads and I felt great after doing it. Congrats on 21 years!


    • LOL! I don’t tend to read them all (I tend to skim for highlights), but I still tend to write them on occasion. Oh, and I do like reading them when I’ve already read the book. Then I can discuss it with the reviewer!


  4. Wow, I am, like, the polar opposite of all your opinions. xD I LOVE longer reviews that say why people like a book (without giving away spoilers, of course). I don’t even know what a short TBR is. It feels like an oxymoron. Is that a thing? 😛 I need about 100 more years to clear mine. I totally agree about the YA, though! And I don’t mind overused tropes as long as there’s something new about them. If it’s used the same old way as a thousand other books, I get bored with it.


  5. I’m definitely on the Twilight boat with you! If it wasn’t for Twilight I also would probably not be where I am today when it comes to books. I can’t with coffee either, though for me it’s because it causes my already high anxiety to shoot through the roof. Overused tropes also don’t bother me, as long as the author puts their spin on things and has a writing style that I like I’m here for it 🙂


    • I so want to “LIKE” your comment but my ability to do that has disappeared for some crazy reason. Glad to know I’m not the only reader on this planet that doesn’t drink coffee.


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