Jane Austen July TBR #janeaustenjuly

Ali here ~

I’m excited to share that I’m participating in my first Jane Austen July this year put on by the ladies at Books and Things & Blatantly Bookish.

Here are the challenges ~

1. Read one of Jane Austen’s six novels

We will be doing group readalongs of two of her six novels:

Sense and Sensibility: 1st – 14th of July

Northanger Abbey: 15th – 28th of July

I’ll be reading Northanger Abbey. It is the only Jane Austen novel I haven’t yet read, so this is perfect! I’d really love to participate in  both readalongs, but I need to be realistic here. I’m already participating in Medieval-A-Thon, too.

2. Read something by Jane Austen that is not one of her main six novels

I have heard wonderful things about Lady Susan, so I can’t wait to read this!!

3. Read a non-fiction work about Jane Austen or her time

I found this quick and free read on amazon that I haven’t yet read, so I thought this would be perfect – especially the quick part, since I have so many books I want to read in July and many of them are rather thick!

4. Read a retelling of a Jane Austen book

This seems light and fun, which most of my July TBR will be lacking.

5. Read a book by a contemporary of Jane Austen

Charlotte just barely squeezed into Austen’s timeline, but she made it. I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf for a long time and it fit nicely into both readathons. Two for one!!!

6. Watch a direct screen adaptation of a Jane Austen book 

My mother bought me this movie quite a while ago, but I’ve yet to enjoy it because I hadn’t read the book yet. So, this is another reason I’m excited about Jane Austen July!

7. Watch a modern screen adaptation of a Jane Austen book

I loved this movie long before I ever realized it was a modern Emma adaptation, which just endeared it that much more to me. Emma is one of my all-time faves!!

Are any of you participating in Jane Austen July or any other fun bookish things for the month???

Happy Reading,


14 thoughts on “Jane Austen July TBR #janeaustenjuly

    • Thanks! Since posting this I have decided to go ahead and read Sense and Sensibility, too. I ended up having another group that wanted to read it, too, so I thought why not. Now let’s see if I can get through all of these.


  1. This is a lovely challenge! If I wasn’t drowning in books I’m scheduled to read I would love to try it out. Maybe I’ll try it halfway through the month. I’m interested in reading Lady Susan as well and I love the movie Clueless!


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