Ali’s Medieval-A-Thon 2019 TBR #Medievalathon

Ali here ~

I have not participated in a single readathon all year, but here I am nonetheless trying to squeeze 2 into the month of July. I guess I’m feeling a bit brave! Or, I just couldn’t resist the awesomeness of this Medieval-A-Thon hosted by Holly Hearts Books.

Who says summer is only for contemporary? Nay I say! Welcome to Medievalathon where the more you read, the higher your nobility! PLUS build yourself up some armour and weapons by participating in the prompts. You can hear all about this Medieval-A-Thon HERE

Only 6 books to reach King/Queen status??? Easy Peasy!

Here’s the first set of prompts to build up your armour ~

(Links take you to Goodreads)

And to take up your weapons ~

So, I’m seriously doubting that I’m going to get through all of these books. But this is my wish list so to speak. We shall see!!Are you participating in the Medieval-A-Thon? Which books would you choose for the different categories???Ali

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