Ali’s June 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up

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For the month of June I put together a TBR list of 15 books. Let’s see how I did for the month.

Shatter Me ~ 4 stars; See my discussion post HERE if you missed it.
Never Never 2 ~ 5 stars; See my brief thoughts HERE.
The Two-Week Arrangement ~ 3.5 stars; See review HERE.
Fighting For You ~ 4 stars; See review HERE.
For Lila, Forever ~ 4 stars; Very enjoyable but without the intensity I usually expect from Winter.
5 out of 5 isn’t bad for this first row of books!!

Storm and Fury ~ 5 stars; See my review HERE.
Trouble at Brayshaw High ~ 5 stars; This book is gritty, dirty, hard-core violent, addictive, and HOT. Expect lots of twists and some extreme intesity! Oh, and ANOTHER FREAKING CLIFFHANGER that has me DYING for the next book!
Children of Blood and Bone ~ Sadly I didn’t get to this one. It’s still sitting on my shelf impatiently awaiting me.
Written With You ~ 5 stars; See review HERE.
Lover At Last ~ 4.5 stars; See my very brief thoughts HERE.
4 out of 5. Again, not bad. AND, 3 of these were 5 star reads for me!

Legendary ~ 5 stars; See short review HERE.
A Darker Shade of Magic ~ Currently reading. I’m on pg 151 out of 398. Slow but intriguing so far.
The Sun Is Also A Star ~ Didn’t get to this one yet. Boo!
Sorcery of Thorns ~ Didn’t get to this one either. This and The Sun Is Also A Star have been previously checked out from the library, so I’ve been stuck waiting on a copy. I have already eaten up my book budget for right now.
Only a Breath Apart ~ 4.5 stars; See review HERE.
Only 2 out of 5 completed here, but that’s 11 out of 15 overall, which is pretty good since I also finished 5 other books this month:

Lover Reborn ~ 5 stars; Lassiter made this book!!
Crown of Midnight ~ 5 stars; This was even better the second time around.
Strange the Dreamer ~ 5 stars; See short review HERE.
Changing Lines ~ 4.5 stars; See review HERE.
The Assassin’s Blade ~ 4.5 stars; With this reread I think I appreciated even further all the little details that helped mold Sardothian into who she is in Throne of Glass.

So that’s my month of June in books. I read a lot of books that I loved this month. It’s not that I love every book I read, but I am getting better at finding books I have a pretty good idea I’ll love. It’s also easy because I tend to love hyped books – not always, but usually.

How was your June???

Happy Reading,


25 thoughts on “Ali’s June 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Your June was awesome for your TBR pile. I’m so happy you’ve been picking out books that you end up really enjoying. My June was like that too and every book I read was 4 stars or better.


    • Thanks! I think you’re the first person that didn’t recommend The Sun Is Also A Star. But, we all have books that are so popular but aren’t for us for whatever reason. I haven’t started reading it yet, so I can’t say yet how I feel about it. Hope you have a great July, too!!


  2. Wow! It looks like a really amazing month! It’s been so long since I’ve seen Never Never, but I really enjoyed reading those books! I’m currently reading Sorcery of Thorns, and I’m really enjoying it! I hope you love it as well when your library hold finally comes in! I hope you have a wonderful July as well!


    • Thanks! I never finished the series and it had been forever since I read the last book I’d made it to. Plus, my son and my mom started the series. So, I figured why not reread it with them and then get caught up on the end.


  3. My June wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t horrible either. My wrap up will be going up tomorrow. I’ve been blogging for going on 3 years now and within that time I have gotten better at choosing books I know I will enjoy. Of course there are always some duds that make it through but for the most part I enjoy what I read. You read several books that I hope to be reading soon like Shatter Me and The Assassin’s Blade.


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