Top Ten Tuesday ~ Childhood Favorites

Ali here ~

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start! Today’s Top Ten topic is Childhood Favorites.

This topic is a bit bittersweet for me. As a child I thought I hated books and reading. Being the bibliophile I am now, it probably sounds absurd, but I didn’t realize I even enjoyed reading, let alone LOVED it, until after I graduated high school. I see it all as missed opportunities now. I’ve had a lot of making up to do!
Here are 10 Books/Series that I read as a kid, or had someone read to me, etc. (in no particular order):


The Chronicles of Narnia were neither read by me or to me, but they were presented to me as a similation. A friend’s father would take all of us neighborhood kids into a closet (AKA – wardrobe) and we’d enter Narnia and he would share with us the stories as if we were in them. None of us kids ever wanted to miss it. His story telling was amazing! One of my absolute best memories of my childhood.

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series were both something I’d pick up on occasion, but I wasn’t overly dedicated to either. And Mike Mulligan and Are You My Mother were both read to me often as a small child.

The Little Engine That Could and The Poky Little Puppy were also read to me often. I can remember at nap time always wanting The Poky Little Puppy. Sweet Valley Twins and The Baby-Sitter’s Club were two other series I picked up on occasion. A visit from St. Nicholas is one I remember fondly because my aunt read it every year to me and my brother on Christmas Eve when we would be visiting my grandparents at Christmas.

What were your childhood favorites??

Happy Reading,

30 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Childhood Favorites

  1. I feel like no one ever read me The Little Engine That Could, but also I know exactly what is about? Which is super weird but that is the situation. Great post!!


  2. Yes! Nancy Drew made my list too. She was the best. I totally wanted to be her. I also wanted to travel to Narnia and begged my mother to bring me back Turkish delight from her business trips. Needless to say, she never brought me back Turkish delight.


  3. Totally feel you on this topic being bittersweet. I wasn’t much of a reader either, only got into it a couple of years ago and also have had that feeling of ‘I’ve been missing out”. I actually decided to change my TTT topic into books I would like to re-read with my future children in stead! 😁


  4. Wow that is really cool about Narnia! What a great way to experience the stories! I would LOVE to do that.

    I did read quite a few Nancy Drew. And The Little Engine That Could- good stuff. 🙂


    • Same here! I was in college, too, when I first really started reading. It was probably a couple years after college that I began to read for pure enjoyment. Now I have a library and have taken over many other areas of my house as well with books. I can’t stand to part with them now.

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