Top Ten Tuesday ~ Adaptions I Want to See

Ali here ~

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start! Today’s Top Ten topic is a FREEBIE. So, I chose Adaptations I want to see.

I read this for the first time last year. As an adult, I didn’t love it. I thought it was an age thing, but my children didn’t love it either. Maybe it’s just my family. However, my kids watched the movie and all enjoyed it better than the book, which is a very rare occurrence around here. So, I want to watch it and see.

I enjoyed this book, but wanted a different ending – surprise, surprise. But, I thought while reading it that it would make a great movie. I just still haven’t watched it, though.

I read and loved the first book. Although loved might be the wrong word considering I wanted to puke at times – I was so horrified. I started the second book after a long book hangover and it just didn’t have the same appeal. It just seemed to drag without a whole lot happening, and I still haven’t managed to finish it. I want to trudge on eventually. So many love the whole series. I’m wondering if things pick back up in excitement level. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the second book? However, I still want to watch it.

Don’t hate me, but I didn’t love this book like so many seem to. I do think it covers a lot of great material for discussion, though. I really want to see if I’d enjoy watching it.

I really want to watch this, but I haven’t read the book yet and want to do that first. I’m a step closer since I finally acquired the book. Maybe I’ll finally get to read it soon???

Having just recently read and loved this book, I am soooooo wanting to watch this! I’m really hoping to get my hands on it soon!

I have this movie and having just finished the book recently I am finally going to be able to watch it! I’ll be squeezing it in between now and Wednesday to get it in for #janeaustenjuly!!

Emma is my favorite of Austen’s novels, and I have read it several times, but I’ve never watched an adaptation of it. Hopefully soon!

Having just finished this book, I’m anxious to see the movie. I’m hopefully going to get together with my friends that I read this with and watch it.

This is the last one on my wish list, but I haven’t read any of the books yet, and I want to read them first.

Which adaptations do you want to see???
Happy Reading,

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Adaptions I Want to See

  1. I thought the first season of Big Little Lies was well done. I enjoyed Before I Fall too, though, I am still a bigger fan of the book. Understand, this is my favorite Lauren Oliver book, so the bar was set really high.


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