Fumbled Hearts ~ Review

Ali here ~

Title: Fumbled Hearts
Series: Tender Hearts #1
Author: Meagan Brandy
Release Date: Sept 21, 2017
Genres: NA Contemporary Romance
Blurb: He’s the persistent playboy who refuses to walk away. I’m the impassive new girl with nothing left to give.
Things are about to get complicated…

After months of refusing, I finally agreed to make the move to Alrick Falls. My family thought it was best – that a new scene would be good for me—and I was sick of having the same conversation.
So here I am, and the plan is simple. Smile through each day and avoid her at all costs.
It’s perfect.

Until the cocksure quarterback comes into play.

The last thing I want is his crooked grin and dark brown eyes focused on me.
Yet here he is, constantly in my space, pushing me, daring me to care. Telling me what I think and feel, as if he knows.
He doesn’t know anything. And  I plan to keep it that way.

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*****What I Loved About This Book*****

  • Great pacing
  • Quicky addictive
  • I like that the back stories for Nate and Kalani fit/explain their personalities.
  • I like that Kalani’s back story is a big mystery for a lot of the book and that you only get small bits of it as the story progresses.
  • I laughed!
  • The story isn’t shallow like so many romances. It has depth.
  • There’s serious chemistry between Kalani and Nate.
  • Kalani becomes best friends with Parker. The tension this draws to her relationship with Nate is perfect.
  • The evil Liv stirring up drama really ratchets up the intensity of the plot.
  • I like that Kalani is big into sports and really fits in with the guys. I could so relate to this side of her.
  • It brought on some major feels!

What I Didn’t Love

  • Some of Kalani’s actions towards/with Nate were over the top at the beginning of the book.
  • Sex is viewed as no big deal in the beginning. I just personally place more value on it.

Side note~ I’d say this is applicable for every Meagan Brandy book I’ve read. This book is for mature audiences. There are several wrong messages a young impressionable girl could take away from this. I don’t think that’s the audience this book is marketed for, though, so I can’t fault the author. Just know they exist.

All in all, this book kept me on the edge of my seat and pulled me right out of a reading slump I had been in. Meagan Brandy really knows how to do intense! 4.5 stars!


Have you read Fumbled Hearts or any of Meagan Brandy’s other books? What did you think??? Have a recommendation for me?

Happy Reading,


6 thoughts on “Fumbled Hearts ~ Review

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  2. I’ve read this one and Meghan Bready’s Brayshaw books. I agree that they are completely addictive and drama filled. Where they tend to lack for me is an emotional connection. I’m not sure what it is. I would probably compare her books most to Tijan’s Fallen Crest High series. I feel like Tijan goes an extra step with her characters and makes me fall in love with them more, which gives me that emotional connection to the story.
    Great review!


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