TropeAThon 2 TBR List #tropeathon

TropeAThon Round 2 is taking place Oct. 21st through Oct. 27th. Check out @tropeathon on Twitter if you’d like to participate! Thanks to Chelle’s Book Ramblings and Misty’s Book Space for putting this on!

Here are the prompts ~

And here’s my TBR ~

Creepy Atmosphere ~

Night Time Reading ~

Missing Person ~

Initials in the Title ~

Second Chance ~

Fated Mates ~ 

Halloween Colors ~

Magically Inclined ~

Confession ~ I have already started a few of these, but I’ll hopefully be finishing during TropeAThon. We shall see! I know chances are that I won’t get through all of these books, but I still thought I’d be ambitious enough to put together a TBR for each prompt.
Are you participating this year??

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