Christmas Gift Exchange 2019

I’ve had friends do this & say it’s so much fun🎅🏼🎁🎄

I’m looking for ladies interested in a holiday gift exchange. Doesn’t matter where you live – you are welcome to join! You only have to buy one gift valued at least $10 and send it to your secret sis. You will then receive 6-36 gifts in return.

I need at least 6 to participate but there is NO LIMIT to how many can join!

I love the Christmas season and thought this would be fun to try. Comment below if you want to join and I’ll send you the details 👇🏼👇🏼


I really thought this would be a blast to maybe send a copy of our favorite book with some bookish extras. You could maybe even include something from a book box subscription that you don’t necessarily like but that someone else probably would. For example, I hear some say things like, “Not another pillowcase!” While there are others that would love them! Or, just anything nice that could maybe bless someone else. Anywho, if you want to join in, leave your email in the comments section and I’ll send you the details!!!


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