Top Ten Tuesday ~ Changes In My Reading Life

Ali here ~

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start! Today’s Top Ten topic is a Changes In My Reading Life.

These are in no particular order ~
1. I DNF Books. 

This is actually a big deal for me. When I first started blogging I couldn’t put a book down until I was finished cover to cover. It didn’t matter if I hated it. It was an obsession.

2. I Read Series Out of Order.

I don’t do this for series where the books really fit together as if they were one book. But, for the other series that could really work as standalones, I can. But, I used to have to read them in order. It was another obsession.

3. I Don’t Overbook ARCs. I rarely accept them.

This is a big change for me. I used to drown myself on NetGalley! I couldn’t keep up, and commitments kept me from enjoying other books.

4. I Like Classics.

When I started reading, I just didn’t.

5. I Get Most of My Reading Done During the Day.

This is another big change for me! I used to read at night – all night. A reading insomniac. Well, after learning that my sleep disorder was contributing to a heart issue, I started working on rectifying my sleeping patterns. Warning to you insomniacs that read all night. Try to change your habits now, before it’s too late!

6. I Pay For or Borrow Most of my Books.

Once upon a time, I read mostly freebies.

7. I’m More Picky.

This is really a more recent development, but I’ve found that I sometimes DNF even 4 star books just because I’m wanting something even better.

8. I Don’t Automatically Approve Author Requests.

I used to. But again, I’m now much more picky.

9. I Had To Read the Book Before Watching the Movie.

I still prefer to, but I don’t HAVE to anymore.

10. I Don’t Automatically Read Books From a Particular Author.

Again, I used to. If I loved a lot of an author’s books, I would read anything they put out, even if it didn’t seem like something that would suit me. This again fits with the fact that I’m just more picky.

What changes have you made in your reading life???
Happy Reading,

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Changes In My Reading Life

  1. I’m really working on not being overbooked with ARCs. It’s a problem. I did really well for the first half of last year, but then I had a weak moment and ended up on Netgalley. 😉 I’m going to try again this year. Great post!

    Here’s my off-topic TTT for this week!


    • Thanks! Yes, I got myself in trouble with NetGalley. I’ll probably get back on there in 2020, but I had to step out for a while to get myself under control. Now I am much better about not taking on too much.


  2. We definitely have some of these in common! DNFing, FTW! I also love that I can be more picky with what I read, too. I really need to learn the not overbooking thing. xD That’s what I struggle with the most, ha. I can’t resist all the new, great-sounding books.


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  4. I will dnf but I don’t do it often. I think I am doing better at picking books that I would like though so it doesn’t come up quite as often. Picky is good! I need to learn to take fewer review books myself.


  5. Reading the book before the movie is best. If I’ve seen the movie I tend to skip the book and most of the time the book is better.


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