Quips & Quotes 11/24/19

I LOVE keeping track of quotes that speak to me. Some turn me to mush. Some are profound and make me think. Some are just funny or entertaining. I often include a quote or two in my reviews, but I thought it would be fun to start a weekly post sharing my favorites from the previous week. So, without further ado, here’s my Quips & Quotes ~

Memories were especially dear, when they were all you had left of a loved one to hold on to.

“You want to know what death is! I’ll tell you what it is–death is the living forgetting you!”


“There is nothing more romantic on the planet than loving someone with your full heart, even though you know they’re leaving.”


The silence and stillness of death was a void in and of itself, a black hole that sucked everyone and everything around it in; and so powerful was the pull, the lives of others were halted, too, momentarily crippled by the tremendous, contagious force.


Sometimes language couldn’t go far enough. All you could do was scream.


These are my favorite quotes of the week! Yes, one of them is a bit dark. It fits the book well! I love reading quotes so if you do a quotes post be sure to leave a link in the comments for me to check them out! Or just leave me a quote. 🙂


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