Remember November Book Tag

I think book tags are so much fun! I usually just struggle finding the time to do them, but I’m trying to get better at that. Thanks so much to Siobhan @ Novelties for the tag on this one!! Y’all be sure to give Novelties a visit if you’re not already following.

.x. pingback to the creator of the tag, @bookprincessreviews .x.
.x. tag the person who tagged you .x.
.x. find an answer to match each prompt .x.
.x. have fun! .x.

Sadie Hawkins day: First Saturday
a female character who takes her fate in her own hands

Aelin definitely fits the bill for this one!

Guy Fawkes Night: November 5
a plot that was stopped at the last minute

The plot on this one literally stopped with the last words!

Saxophone Day: November 6
a character with an uncommon hobby

Does collecting dead people count???

World Kindness Day: November 13
a villain who is changed by kindness

There are a couple villains in the BDB that fit this description!

Use Less Stuff Day: November 18
a character who gives up something in their life (i.e. a dream, a possession)

Atticus definitely had to give up his community and position for Thais!

Start Your Own Country Day: November 22
a book with its own land/world


This is literally set on another planet, so I figure that counts.

I Tag: You and whoever else wants to participate!

Happy Reading,


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