Emma the Matchmaker ~ Review

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Title: Emma the Matchmaker
Series: N/A
Author: Rachel John
Release Date: Apr 23, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Blurb:Emma Woodhouse is happily single, though that’s never stopped her from making matches for others. Her best friend, George Knightley, thinks it’s a sure way to trouble, but what’s wrong with giving romance a little nudge?

George has been fighting his feelings for Emma for years, but with families so closely intertwined, rocking the friendship boat would complicate more than just their relationship. He won’t do that to her, or ask why she keeps cuddling up next to him on the couch to watch their favorite show at night.

When a matchmaking scheme gone wrong drives a wedge between them, the last thing they want is to face each other. But when Emma’s sister goes into labor and they’re the babysitters for the weekend, they’ll have to set aside their pride and undeniable chemistry to tackle diaper duty together.

A modern take on Jane Austen’s Emma with all the characters you know and love.

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*****What I Loved About This Book*****

  • I LOVE Austen’s Emma, so this was a lot of fun! I enjoyed constantly comparing this contemporary version with the original.
  • Some of the contemporary adjustments were amusing, like Knightley’s Dr. Pepper addiciton.
  • The reality TV show was a fun addition!
  • One of the changes that I absolutely loved is getting Knightley’s POV. This was especially amusing when Elton was around!
  • I like the way John captured Emma’s grandfather’s personality in a contemporary setting, though it was her father in the original.
  • I love how Knightley is so intuitive!
  • I really enjoyed the slight change in relationship between Jane’s aunt, Betty, and Emma. Betty really added to this story!
  • It’s a sweet romance!!

***What I Didn’t Like***

  • There were a couple liberties taken with the character’s personalities where I preferred the original. But there weren’t any that detracted from my overall enjoyment.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this, I can’t say that I would have enjoyed it as much if I hadn’t already read and loved the original. I’m just not sure. Emma’s behavior would have been even harder to swallow in a contemporary setting if I hadn’t been making comparisons. That being said, she still thoroughly made up for her indiscretions. 4 strong stars!

Have you read Emma the Matchmaker or any of Rachel John’s other books? What did you think? Have a recommendation for me?

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6 thoughts on “Emma the Matchmaker ~ Review

  1. I gotta be honest and say that I don’t remember all that much about Emma, except that her character could be… trying. This sounds like an interesting retelling of the original though and I’m defo keen to check it out. Although I wonder if I should reread Emma first?


    • It’s really hard for me to say how I would have liked this without the comparisons. Emma’s character can definitely be trying, so it’s really a matter of how forgiving you can be I think. She redeems herself, but for some, I think it might be hard to still forgive her.


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