#tistheseasonathon Wrap Up

How did I do with #tistheseasonathon????

Mostly I have to credit this coming up with one book that fit all 5 prompts. But can you believe it, I forgot to eat a treat while reading it! But, alas, no problem because I knocked that book out and the buddy read so quick that I had time for another book, which conveniently also covered prompts 2-5! Here’s a reminder of the prompts ~

Challenge 1: Read a Book with Snow on the Cover

Challenge 2: Read a Holiday-Themed Book

Challenge 3: Read a Book You Received as a Gift

Challenge 4: Read a Book while Eating your Favorite Holiday Treat

Challenge 5: A Title Related to Music

Buddy Read: 10 Blind Dates

Here are the books I planned to read going in ~

And here are the books I actually read ~


I think this might actually be the only time I’ve ever read every book on a readathon TBR, let alone an extra book. HaHa! Well, I have to pump myself up because I’m participating in Oh What Fun Readathon starting on the 14th and there’s NO WAY I will read all the books for that. I’ll be posting that TBR Thursday, so stay tuned for that!

Did you participate in #tistheseasonathon, or are you participating in any other Christmassy readathons? 

Happy Reading,


8 thoughts on “#tistheseasonathon Wrap Up

  1. Woohoo, well done on reading all the books you set out to read for the readathon! It’s also so difficult for me to do as well, so I know how satisfying it feels when it actually happens 😂 Good luck with the upcoming readathon! It definitely sounds fun 😜


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