#ohwhatfunreadathon TBR

I am so excited to be participating in a second readathon this month! I have been so crazy busy preparing for Christmas, and these readathons really help me to slow down and take some needed me time.

The readathon takes place from Dec. 14th – 21st. For all the info on the readathon, go see Mackenzie Lane HERE. I am going for the nice list on this one, but I’m going ahead and listing books for the naughty challenges, too, just in case I have some extra time. I seriously doubt that’ll happen. I even seriously doubt I’ll make it all the way through the NICE list. But, it’s fun to pick the books anyway!

– – – THE CHALLENGES! (And my picks) – – –


1. Read a book set during winter/Christmas

This beauty is sitting on my shelf and I can’t wait to pick it up!

2. Read a book with “light” in the title

Any variation on the word “light” is allowed, so I’m finally squeezing in my 1,000th reading of Twilight. Not really, but it’s still a high number. I just totally lost count!

3. Read the 25th book on your TBR

I’m so excited to start this series, and since this is a novella I can get through it quickly!

4. Read an entire book in Christmas pajamas

Any of the above (or below) books will work for this! Yay! And pajamas are my jam!

5. Read a book published in December (of any year!)

Soooo glad we can double up on challenges!!!


1. Read a banned book

This has been on my classics TBR for a long time.

2. Read a book you got for Christmas last year (but never read)

I have actually read this, but I did get a copy for Christmas and didn’t reread it. I originally read the free kindle version.

3. Start a new book at midnight

This of course will work for any of these books!

4. Read a book with “dark” in the title

I have so been wanting to read this, so it would be awesome to get to it!

5. Read the 13th book on your TBR

Ditto what I said with the last book!!

GROUP BOOK: ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens

I just finished reading this yesterday as part of another group read, so I won’t be rereading it. But, everything’s fresh on my mind, so it’ll be easy to participate in any discussions!

Are you participating in #ohwhatfunreadathon or any other readathons?

Happy Reading,




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