2020 Reading Challenges I’m Participating In ~ Part 1

Ha! Yes, I said Part 1!!!! Am I nuts? Maybe, okay, a little. I want to do ALL the challenges!! Okay, so maybe I’m a lot nuts! LOL! I just have this wild desire to see just how many I can complete. AND, I’m having lots of fun looking for books to complete ALL the challenges! Yes, yes, yes, I already know I’m weird. But that’s completely okay! I’m good with that! LOL!

Here are the first 5 challenges I’m signing up for ~

2020 A to Z Reading Challenge

I’m thinking of using this challenge as encouragement to start a page(s) listing my reviews in alphabetical order making them easier for you and me to find. Hmm. Yes, another goal. Can you tell I’m task minded??? I’m really curious to see what the AtoZopoly board will look like for this challenge. It sounds like so much fun!

2020 Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

I’m going for the A-List Series Finisher! You only have to finish 9 series to complete this one and I think I can totally do that! Check out my post on 20 Series I Need to Catch Up On if you missed that!

The 20 in 20 Challenge

This challenge is really about pushing me to read more nonfiction this year. This challenge will help me to be more intentional in that goal.

2020 Retellings Reading Challenge

I love reading retellings and always wish I’d read more throughout the year, so this is motivation! And I love that the prompts are making me dig for books!! My goal is of course, Fairest of them All with 21-25+ retellings! I ain’t scared!!! Here’s the awesome bingo card to go with ~

2020 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

Popsugar has 40 different prompts to read and an Advanced challenge with an extra 10 prompts. Of course I’m going for the whole enchilada! Click HERE if you’d like to check out all the prompts. I LOVE coming up with my TBR list!

A side note about myself and challenges. I love them! They encourage me to pick up books I might not have otherwise, they encourage me to achieve goals I’ve already set for myself, and they’re great conversation points concerning books. I thrive with them! And I am absolutely GREAT even if I don’t achieve all of my goals! I don’t in the least get stressed when I don’t meet a goal. It’s fine! I tried and got a lot accomplished anyways!

I’m saying all this because I’ve seen soooo many bloggers get stressed out trying to do challenges. And I want to encourage you to only do them if it’s FUN! No stress. No anxiety! With that being said, let me encourage y’all to focus on your accomplishments rather than what you didn’t succeed at.

Are you participating in any challenges in 2020? I’d love to hear which ones! I’ll have another post soon with more challenges I’ll be participating in.

Happy Reading,



17 thoughts on “2020 Reading Challenges I’m Participating In ~ Part 1

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  2. Wow, all the challenges, indeed! Haha 😂 That’s awesome though! I see some on here that I’d definitely like to try. I “did” the Popsugar Challenge this year but I’ve been rubbish at keeping track it’s ridiculous lol the 2020 Finish Reading Series Challenge sounds like one that I should defo get on! I’m going to check some of these out 🙂 Good luck with all of these, Ali! 🤩🥳


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