Bitter Sweet Love ~ Review

Ali here ~

Title: Bitter Sweet Love
Series: The Dark Elements 0.5
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Release Date: Dec 1, 2013
Genres: PNR/Fantasy

Dez wasn’t just Jasmine’s crush. A gargoyle Warden like Jas, he helped her come to terms with her destiny—fending off demons and maintaining the balance between good and evil. He was her everything…right until the moment he disappeared without a trace. It didn’t help that Jas’s father had just announced that she and Dez would one day be mated. Hard not to take that personally.

And now he’s back, three years older, ten times hotter, ready to pick up exactly where they left off. But Jas isn’t taking that risk again. Dez has seven days to meet all her conditions and earn back her trust. Seven days filled with terrifying danger and sweet temptation. Seven days to win her heart—or shatter it all over again…

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*****What I Enjoyed*****

  • This was classic JLA! It was everything I expect of her writing.
  • Having read Storm and Fury before picking up this series, I’m loving getting the backstory on Zayne and Layla.
  • Jasmine and Dez have great chemistry from the start.
  • I appreciate that despite Jasmine and Dez not talking about his disappearance, it’s clear that his motives weren’t about her or his lack of desire for her.
  • It left me definitely wanting to read the rest of this series! And despite it being a novella, I still had no trouble connecting to Jas and Dez.

*****What I Didn’t Enjoy*****

  • Jasmine should have demanded answers from the get go. I never get it when this doesn’t happen.
  • There was one scene change with no warning.

4 stars on this one. I’ll definitely be diving further into this series in 2020, and I’m for sure anxiously awaiting the rest of the Harbinger series!

Have you read Bitter Sweet Love or any of JLA’s other books? What did you think? Have a recommendation for me?

Happy Reading,


6 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet Love ~ Review

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  2. Still haven’t read anything by this author but I’ve got Storm & Fury on my shelf! Sounds interesting. I totally get your one point about characters not demanding answers right away — why don’t they do it?! Lol


  3. I’ve only read a couple of her books. The first one I read wasn’t a paranormal one. I liked that one. The second one I listened to was a paranormal one with gods and such. It was good, but the guy who did the voice sounded like the Count from those Hotel Transylvania movies. It was disturbing.


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