2020 Blogging & Non-bookish Goals

Happy New Year!!! I’m so excited to have marked a bunch of goals complete for 2019 and to be starting on my new list for 2020! I have been making goals for so many different things. I love making plans and setting goals. I thrive with it! A know a lot of people are overwhelmed with the idea of it, and feel disappointed by what they don’t accomplish, but I’m very good at just focusing on what I achieved. So, I’m a definite planner addict!

I’ve already been sharing a lot of reading challenges I’m going for this year, but I haven’t yet shared any other goals. So, I’m doing that today.

Blogging Goals

    • Have blog posts scheduled a week in advance.

I live in the woods and internet is often spotty at best and sometimes this gets me in a bind. I want to have posts scheduled and ready to go ahead of time, and I can always jump in an update them to keep them up-to-date before they go live. This is also helpful for days when unexpected things come up, and I just don’t have the time.

    • Have blog posts planned out for 2 weeks in advance.

I had this done for December and it was so awesome! It made juggling my blog and the holidays so much easier. I definitely want to start implementing this for the whole year.

    • Keep track of blog hopping.

I have made sheets of all the blogs I visit and I’ll start recording the dates that I visit. This will help me to make sure I’m not neglecting anyone. I’m always trying to remember which blogs I forgot to visit.

    • Look at and record some stats.

I don’t blog for stats. I blog because I enjoy it, and I blog about things that interest me. That being said, I’m curious. I’m especially curious when other bloggers are discussing their stats. I don’t believe in playing the comparison game with others, but again I’m curious about things like which day of the week do most people visit the blog on.

Non-bookish Goals

    • Visit a new state.

I ultimately want to visit all 50 states. My goal for this year is to at least go to one new state. I’ve currently been to 13. Actually, it’s a lot higher, but I’m not counting the states that I was too young to remember traveling to.

    • Reach a financial goal.

I have mapped out a series of financial goals for my life, and have been blessed enough to climb the ladder I’ve made for myself. For 2020 I want to climb at least one more rung of the ladder.

    • Hike a new trail.

I absolutely love hiking! It’s one of my favorite non-reading things to do.

    • Lose 20 lbs.

I made a serious lifestyle change in the beginning of 2019, and I lost over 40 lbs last year and greatly improved my health. I’m still slowly losing more weight, and my goal for this year is to lose 20 more.

    • Complete a home improvement plan.

I have a plan for different areas of my house and outdoors. I know, you’re not surprised at this point. My goal for 2020 is to complete at least one of my plans.

    • Do a random act of kindness once a week.

Self explanatory. I want to be more intentional about being kind. I want it to be a bigger habit.

    • Journal daily.

Journaling every day for a year has been a bucket list item for me, and I’m going to do my best to pull this off – even if it means I only have 2 words written for the day like “I’m sick.” Hoping I don’t have to go there, though!

    • Vacation somewhere new.

I already have a loose plan in place for this one. We’ll see!

Are you a planner? Do you have any 2020 goals or challenges for yourself?

Happy Reading,


12 thoughts on “2020 Blogging & Non-bookish Goals

  1. These are some fantastic goals, Ali! I need to get more serious about my non-bookish/blogging goals because I haven’t really given them much thought. Except this year I’m going to start taking my finances more seriously and I’m also going to try to change a lot of habits to become healthier. Doing a random act of kindness once a week is a great goal, and it also sounds like it could be really fun, not just rewarding 🙂 I hope you manage to achieve all these goals!


    • Thanks!! Yes, the random acts of kindness can be fun while still rewarding. I have been gradually improving on the finances over the past several years, but I want to get even better there. I started the healthier habits in February last year, but I’m still looking to improve there, too.


  2. I guess I do plan ahead, and try to write reviews as I finish books, but I pretty much write a week’s worth of posts every weekend. Wow! I don’t think I would be able to keep track of my blog hopping. That’s why I use feedly. All the posts are here and I delete as I go through. If someone no on my feed visits, I immediately visit them back, so I don’t forget.


  3. I’m always impressed with those who blog ahead and pre-schedule posts. I’d love to be that on top of things but I’m not. 🙂 Well done on the weight loss! I started WW back in October and am down about 15 lbs. I love your plan for more kindness. ♥


    • It’s more out of necessity for me with all the time restraints I have during the week. Not sure if I’ll pull this goal off, but I’m hoping to get there. Great job for you losing 15 lbs through the holiday months!! And thanks!!!


  4. These are all great goals! I like having my blog posts done a week in advance because it frees up my time during the week.


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