The Sunday Post ~ 1/5/20

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

~this meme was inspired in part by ~ In My Mailbox~

It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.


It has been quite a while since I’ve done The Sunday Post. The last one I found was from 2015! Geez, I can’t even believe I was blogging that long ago!

Personal Highlights:

Sunday: Saw my sister and her family off after a week’s visit
Monday: Did some shopping to exchange gifts and get what I needed for New Years.
Tuesday: Had my best friends and their families over to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Pajama pants are a tradition for us girls.

Wednesday: Went ice skating with my kids and a couple friends. It was the first time 2 of my kids went ice skating.
Thursday: Started back with our homeschool group that I lead
Friday: Got caught up on some blog hopping. I’m still behind with the holiday.
Saturday: Took more Christmas decorations down. Still not finished. Watched The Sun Is Also A Star finally.

Last Week on the Blog:

Tuesday ~ A Curse So Dark and Lonely Review
Wednesday ~ WWW Wednesday ~ 1/1/20
2020 Blogging & Non-bookish Goals
Thursday ~ Ali’s January 2020 TBR
Friday ~ Ali’s December 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up
Saturday ~ Stacking the Shelves

This Week on the Blog (Hopefully!):

Sunday ~ The Sunday Post
Quips & Quotes
Monday ~ IMWAYR
The Maysen Jar Review
Tuesday ~ Real Neat Blogger Award
Top Ten Tuesday ~ Most Anticipated Book Releases for the First Half of 2020
Wednesday ~ WWW Wednesday
The Air He Breathes Review
Thursday ~ Sunshine Blogger Award
Friday ~ Friday Finds
Saturday ~ Stacking the Shelves
I will potentially post more than this, but this is the minimum of what I hope to have up.

Favorite Book of the Week:

Happy Reading,


21 thoughts on “The Sunday Post ~ 1/5/20

  1. Okay, I have to say, I’m mighty impressed. That’s a jam-packed week you got there and you still managed to blog so much! 😍💕 I can only drool at your superpowers and wish I had them too! 🤤😂

    Have a great reading week ahead. 🙂 Curse of Dark and Lonely is on my TBR so will definitely check your review! 💜

    Leaving below the link to my Sunday post in case you want to check it out later. 🙂


  2. Pingback: The Sunday Post ~ 1/12/20 | Our Book Boyfriends

    • Yes, it was definitely a busy week. This week has been a bit calmer. I needed that to catch up on chores, reading, blogging, and homeschooling. But hey, that just sounds like more busyness. LOL! Hope you’re having a great week, too!


  3. Ooh, what’d you think of The Sun Is Also A Star? I really enjoyed the book but have been hesitant about watching the movie… Sounds like you had a great week, Ali! I’m so on board with that PJs to ring in the New Year tradition! How fun and cozy 😍 Have a great week ahead!


    • I thought it didn’t quite measure up through a lot of it, but then when it came time to see that she was leaving I thought the movie provoked more emotion. Overall, I would say it wasn’t quite as awesome but still decent. I’d watch it again. Hope you have a great week, too!!!


  4. Sounds like a great week and PJ pants are a great tradition. Welcome back to the Sunday post! I think we are all a little behind with blog visiting. I know I can’t seem to keep up this week and yet I think there aren’t as many posts. I’m so confused.

    I hope you have a great back to normal week and enjoy some new reads.

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   


  5. Wow! That’s a jam packed week. I think I read and went to work. I want to see The Sun is Also a Star. I really liked that book, and the casting was great for it too. Did you cry reading the Air He Breathes? I ugly cried at one point. It was beautiful.


    • Funny thing. It usually takes a lot to get me to cry during a book. I think, too, it depends on my hormones on a particular day. LOL! But no, I didn’t cry during the book, but I definitely felt it deeply! The funny part is that I cried during The Sun Is Also A Star – the movie, not the book.

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