Quips & Quotes 1/12/20

I LOVE keeping track of quotes that speak to me. Some turn me to mush. Some are profound and make me think. Some are just funny or entertaining. I often include a quote or two in my reviews, but I thought it would be fun to start a weekly post sharing my favorites from the previous week. So, without further ado, here’s my Quips & Quotes ~

“When I come home, I’m building you your library. With tall ladders and everything. And then I’m going to make love to you somewhere between The Odyssey and To Kill a Mockingbird.”


“No soulmate leaves the world alone; they always take a piece of their other half along with them.”


The hardest part about losing someone you love is the fact that you also lose yourself.


He was thunder, I was lightning, and we were seconds away from creating the perfect storm.


Her soul was scarred, and mine was burned.


You know that place in between nightmares and dreams? The place where tomorrows never come and yesterdays don’t hurt anymore? The place where your heart beats in sync with mine? The place where time doesn’t exist and it’s easy to breathe? I want to live there with you.


One must know what it feels like to be weak in order to really find their own strength.


Maybe the truest form of love grew from the deepest kinds of pain.

Drunk giggly Josh is my favorite, but drunk confident Josh is my new religion.


I’ve never had casual sex. I’ve honestly never understood the impulse; sex is so supremely intimate. I give away a nonrefundable piece of myself every time.


“You were never a drizzle, Penn Scully. When I fell for you, you came beating down, and I felt you everywhere. You were hail.”

I love reading quotes so if you do a quotes post be sure to leave a link in the comments for me to check them out! Or just leave me a quote. 🙂


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