Immortal Fire ~ Review

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Title: Immortal Fire
Series: Red Winter Trilogy #3
Author: Annette Marie
Release Date: Apr 11, 2017
Genres: YA Fantasy/Mythology/Romance
Blurb:Once, Emi believed the heavenly gods were righteous and wise, while the earthly yokai spirits were bloodthirsty and evil. But with a traitorous deity poised to destroy her world, and the yokai standing as humanity’s only defense, the lies of her upbringing have toppled to reveal a far more terrifying reality.

Despite the looming threat, Emi can’t escape her greatest distraction: Shiro, the fox yokai who has so deftly claimed her heart for his own. Soon—too soon—she will have to break the curse that binds his magic and memories. And once the ancient power inside him awakens, the yokai she loves will be changed forever.

As the earthly gods gather to wage war against the heavens, Emi and Shiro must gamble everything to turn the tide against their immortal, all-powerful foes. Together, they will find a way to save her world—even if it means losing each other.

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*****My Review*****

Characters ~ 10
Atmosphere ~ 10
Writing ~ 10
Plot ~ 10
Intrigue ~ 10
Logic ~ 10
Enjoyment ~ 10

My first perfect ten CAWPILE score! Y’all I just absolutely LOVE this whole trilogy!

  • The connection between Emi & Shiro is just everything!
  • The relationship between Yumei & Emi and the way it all plays into the plot!
  • The way that Annette Marie blends the relationships and the plots so that both are so important and beautifully done – woven together instead of overpowering each other.
  • The way that every aspect is exciting and unpredictable!
  • The way the trilogy was wrapped up perfectly! The whole thing felt perfectly mapped out. There were no loose ends. Things weren’t rushed or altered to make it all work like you see in so many finales.
  • All the different aspects I loved about the first two books were still prevalent in this one!

For any of you that are fans of both romance and fantasy, I can not recommend this trilogy enough!! 5 Perfect and beautiful stars!! I definitely need to read more Annette Marie!!!

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Have you read Immortal Fire or any of the Red Winter Trilogy? I think the blend of fantasy with romance is my absolute favorite! Do you have a recommendation for me?

Happy Reading,


8 thoughts on “Immortal Fire ~ Review

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  2. I love these covers and they definitely catch my eye. I’m curious about this series as I’ve seen it around a fair bit and a lot of people seem to really love it! Will need to check it out 🙂 Great review!


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