The Guy in the Middle ~ Review

Alison here ~

Title: The Guy in the Middle
Series: The Underdogs #3
Author: Kate Steward
Release Date: Feb 29, 2020
Genres: Contemporary College Romance
Blurb: I was born to play and bred to win.

My priorities were instilled in me early on—family and football. Those ideals led me to TGU and a coach whose ironclad principles mirrored my own.

With one last college season to play, my goal was singular—get drafted. By realizing my NFL dream, I could save my family, our ranch, and the only home I’d ever known.

Two birds, one ball.

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*****My Review*****

Characters ~ 8
Atmosphere ~ 10
Writing ~ 8
Plot ~ 8
Intrigue ~ 8
Logic ~ 7
Enjoyment ~ 8

*****4.5 Stars*****

  • I really enjoy Lance and Harper together. The understood each other on a level that is rare.
  • Great side characters! Rene and Nana cracked me up. Only wish that we got a little more their craziness.
  • I love that Lance stands up for Harper against her father. I wish Harper would have stuck up a little more for herself, though, against her father and others.
  • I loved getting more Troy and Theo, and I think I fell a little bit further for Troy.
  • Bully issues. Powerfully written. Brought tears to my eyes!
  • Lance drove me a little crazy building up to the end. He was just a touch too stubborn.
  • A little too heavy on the sex scenes for what was warranted in the story for me.

Overall, I have to say that this book had a few things that bugged me, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it, as I enjoyed each book in this series. I am so sad to see it come to an end!

Have you read The Guy in the Middle or any of the other books in The Underdog series? What did you think if you did? If not, are you planning to? 

Happy Reading,


10 thoughts on “The Guy in the Middle ~ Review

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  2. Great review! My biggest issues with this one was Part 2 and also some of the reasoning behind actions. I had a hard time wading through that stuff at first. But I did really love the romance behind it all.


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