The Sunday Post ~ 5/31/20

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

~this meme was inspired in part by ~ In My Mailbox~

It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.


Personal Highlights:

Boy did my week get off to a crazy start! Just an hour before my Sunday Post went live last week I was up late and journaling. My hubs was at our local dirt track watching his cousin race. My kids were just shutting down their video game for the night and my oldest son was heading next door to stay the night at my mom’s. I give him a hug and he teases me about my hugs getting more and more frequent. I remind him that he has less than half a year of community college and then he’s off. He won’t be heading too far away, but far enough that he won’t be home every day and most likely not even every weekend. And he heads out. Not long later he busts through the door fairly quickly and tells me he was just struck by a copper head, which was wrapped around the handle of my mom’s screen door. He’s shaking, which is quite unusual for my son. He’s had lots of run ins with snakes and many were intentional. We live in the deep woods. And he’s had a thing for nature and wildlife all his life. He’s going to school for environmental science and wants to be a park ranger. He’s a volunteer naturalist, and has been trained to handle snakes. And he knows well how to identify them. Anyhow, he quickly tells me there’s no pain or swelling. He thought only one fang got him. There was one trickle of blood but no more after he wiped it away.

Long story made shorter, he was soooooo fortunate! It was a dry bite. No venom was injected. Both fangs did get him. When the doctors pulled in their bright lights my son said they could clearly see where it got him. I couldn’t go into the hospital with him with all the COVID stuff and him being over 18, which was scary! After they held him a while to make sure he didn’t have a delayed reaction to any venom, he was cleared to head home. And by that time there were 2 bumps showing where both fangs hit.

Y’all that was one of the scariest drives to the hospital. His hand was tingling and the tingling was steadily increasing, but at the same time it wasn’t painful, so we just weren’t sure. We have a friend that was bitten and they didn’t even realize she was bitten by a snake until after she’d gone to bed and woke up in extreme pain. We knew the pain could be delayed if there wasn’t much venom injected. But, he’s legitimately fine and by the time he woke up Sunday morning you could hardly even see where he was struck.

The hubs and I were talking. We both figured he’d get struck from intentionally picking up a snake. We never imagined it would end up being a freak accident. My son was just excited that he didn’t need antivenom. He knows that antivenom only works so many times, and he didn’t want to use up one of those times yet. Go figure! I’m just praising God he’s all right!

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A Few Stats For This Week: 

Books Read : 4
Favorite Book This Week: 


How was your week??? What was your favorite read this week?

Happy Reading,


15 thoughts on “The Sunday Post ~ 5/31/20

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  2. My gosh, how scary about your son, Alison! Thank goodness there was no venom and he is okay. So scary, though!

    I am very excited about Love Lettering and I want to read it soon.


    • Thanks!! Yes, super scary, but he was so fortunate the snake didn’t release any venom. I didn’t even know that was a thing, but apparently up to 25% of the time, snakes won’t release venom. That’s not good odds, but they were still in our favor – to steal a Hunger Games quote. LOL! I hope you enjoy Love Lettering!!


  3. Omg that sounds terrifying, Ali 😫 I’m glad to hear your son is okay though! What a way to start the week… I hope the rest of your week was better than that. Glad to see that you loved Love Lettering ❤ Hope you have a good week ahead and that there were no crazy incidents like that one after you posted this! Lol


    • Thanks! He’s going to school to get his environmental science degree and wants to be a park ranger. He loves the outdoors and nature, including snakes. He’s a volunteer naturalist at a nature park nearby and was trained to handle snakes and picks them up all the time. This one just caught him totally off guard. But, he at least wasn’t upset or bothered by the situation at all. He just thinks it makes for a great story. I, however, might have been a little traumatized. LOL! My husband and I were talking and saying we’d always figured he’d get bit messing with a snake intentionally. We never thought it would be from a freak accident.

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