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I was tagged to do the Disney Parks Book Tag by Dini at Dinipandareads. This tag originated over at Reading By Starlight. Be sure to go check out their blogs!!

I have to admit here that I’ve never been to Disney outside of the the Disney Walk in Florida. The one time I gave my kids the option, they chose Universal over Disney. My oldest was obsessed with Spongebob as a kid. BUT, I am a huge Disney movie fan. I can’t get enough of Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin among many others. So, here goes ~

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This is the one book in this list that I haven’t read yet. It is, however, on my TBR. I think it would have taken me forever to find a book I’ve read that was set on a river.


While this isn’t my favorite book, it’s definitely an adventure on the sea!

I know for a lot of people that this book wasn’t creepy at all. But for me, I shouldn’t have been reading it at night!


This book was one exciting adventure after another!


While this book isn’t entirely set in New Orleans, large chunks of it are, and knowing New Orleans first hand, I felt like Nora really got the vibe down!


This was the first book that came to mind out of my recent reads that included a castle.


I would so love to step into the Night Circus! Each space seemed completely magical!

My youngest two children love this series, and this was an exciting read with a large chunk set in the Yukon mountains.


I just loved this series inspired by Japanese mythology!!

This is definitely one of my favorites!! If you’re into space and haven’t picked up this series, what are you waiting for???

I Tag (No pressure!!! And anyone else that would like to join in, feel free!!!)

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A Novel Glimpse


Pine-Scented Chronicles

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27 thoughts on “The Disney Parks Book Tag

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      • My two oldest are boys and they were more into Nickelodeon and Sponge Bob when they were little, so we did Universal Studios instead. My daughter never became a big Disney fanatic either. When I was younger I really wanted to go to Disney, but now I am just not interested. I tend to feel claustrophobic around that many people. LOL! And my kids tend to prefer Six Flags these days.

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      • Ah… well… I guess I grew up with Disney (which is a bit strange because he was very antisemitic, so I’m surprised my father let us see any movies).


      • It might have been a choose your battles thing. I can imagine it being hard telling your little ones they can’t watch the Disney movies everyone is raving about. Parenting can be tough when it comes to issues like that!

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  4. I got a little creeped out during Echoes Between Us, too. Not scared, but there were moments that had me glad my back was against a wall. LOL I loved The Cruel Prince and the descriptions of the castle and the throne.


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