Top 5 Saturday: Books with Morally Gray Characters

Top 5 Saturday is a weekly meme started by Devouring Books. This week’s topic is Books with Morally Gray Characters. I chose 5 morally gray characters that I totally fell for!


Anthony in real life for me would just be a black character. In this fictional world, however, I fell for a man that could easily be considered nothing but evil, and I saw the good. This book is definitely not for everyone! If you have triggers, stay far away. And if you aren’t okay with alphas doing WHATEVER it takes to get the woman he wants, stay away.

I have the whole series in mind rather than the whole book for this one (and the ones following below). Julian is as thoroughly gray as a character can get. I kept flip flopping on how I felt about him all the way through. He flirted so heavily with the dark side that I stayed on edge!

Warner!! He is one of my absolute favorite male characters ever. He feels he’s so firmly in the black but you always get such amazing glimpses of his heart.

Roth – a demon who falls in love and will do anything for the one he loves!

If you’ve read this series, then you’re probably going to be a little surprised with the character I’m choosing here, but I’m going with the Jacks!! Can I have a rewrite please?? Or maybe a a spin-off and he’s now free to have her?? Yes, I totally fell for the villain!!

Which morally gray characters have you fallen for?

Happy Reading,


13 thoughts on “Top 5 Saturday: Books with Morally Gray Characters

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  2. Jacks! I’m so curious now because I haven’t finished this series and I have no idea why 😂 I love morally grey characters! They bring so much to a story and always make it that much better (imo) 😀 Great list!


  3. Great picks! Girl, Serpent, Thorn is the first book that came to mind, and I just finished a story called Poison and Honey by Kristen Brand with one of my favorite morally grey characters – Dredarion. He’s fantastic! 🙂


  4. I was such a Warner fan. I have not finished the second three books, and I will say, I am not sure how I felt about anyone after book 4 (except Kenji, I will always love him), but there was something about Warner from the start that drew me to him


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