Jane Austen July 2020 TBR #janeaustenjuly

I’m excited to share that I’m participating in my second Jane Austen July this year put on by the ladies at Books and Things & Blatantly Bookish. I will never get enough of Austen, and I love having the month of July to really spend some time diving into her works and to works inspired by her!

Here are the challenges ~

1. Read one of Jane Austen’s six novels

We will be doing group readalongs of two of her six novels:

Emma: 1st – 17th of July

Pride & Prejudice: 18th – 31st of July

I have read all 6 of Austen’s novels, but Emma & Pride and Prejudice are my two faves! I’m so stoked to be rereading these both!! I have lost count of how many times I’ve reread them, but they just never get old for me!
. 2. Read something by Jane Austen that is not one of her main six novels

This was on my TBR for last year, but I didn’t get to it. I’m really hoping that I do this year as it’s her most popular work aside from her 6 completed novels.

3. Read a non-fiction work about Jane Austen or her time

4. Read a retelling of a Jane Austen book

5. Read a book by a contemporary of Jane Austen (1775-1817)

6. Watch a direct screen adaptation of a Jane Austen book 

7. Watch a modern screen adaptation of a Jane Austen book

Bonus ~

Are any of you participating in Jane Austen July or any other fun bookish things for the month??? Do you have any Austen or Austen-inspired recommendations??

Happy Reading,


16 thoughts on “Jane Austen July 2020 TBR #janeaustenjuly

  1. If I wasn’t going to be ridiculously bogged down with life in July, I would definitely consider doing this! It looks like so much fun and Austen is always 💙 I also want to watch the Emma adaptation! It looks so funny! I also keen to read the Jane Austen Society and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it when you do 😀


    • Yes, with your move I’m sure you’ll be super busy! I’m definitely looking forward to watching Emma and reading The Jane Austen Society. I’ll definitely post my review.


    • I have read all 6 of her major novels, but Emma is my favorite. I have actually lost count of how many times I’ve read it now. LOL! And participating in the challenge definitely helps with motivation!!

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