July 2020 TBR

I’ll be participating in Jane Austen July this month, but of course I won’t ONLY be reading Austen and Austen inspired books this month. So, I still decided to put together a TBR for this month. Some of these are books I’m hoping to get to as part of the New-to-Me Author Challenge I’m participating in right now, too. But, as always, this list is just for fun. Who knows how many I’ll actually get to.

What books are you planning on reading in July??? Are you participating in any challenges this month or for the summer months? Have you read any of these? Are you planning to?

Happy Reading,

14 thoughts on “July 2020 TBR

  1. The Kite Runner is excellent. That’s one of my son’s summer reading books this year. He just started it yesterday. 🙂 He also has to read Fahrenheit 451, and I’m thinking about giving it a reread.


    • I’m really looking forward to it! And I remember reading most of Fahrenheit 451, but I can’t remember if I finished it because it’s been so long. So, I’m hoping to reread it soon, too.

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