Too Late ~ Review

Title: Too Late
Series: N/A
Author: Colleen Hoover
Release Date: April 2016
Genres: Dark Contemporary Fiction / Romance
Blurb: Sloan will go through hell and back for those she loves.
And she does, every single day.
After finding herself stuck in a relationship with the dangerous and morally corrupt Asa Jackson, Sloan will do whatever it takes to get by until she’s able to find a way out.
Nothing will get in her way.
Nothing except Carter.

Sloan is the best thing to ever happen to Asa. And if you ask Asa, he’d say he’s the best thing to ever happen to Sloan. Despite Sloan’s disapproval of Asa’s sinister lifestyle, he does exactly what he needs to do in order to stay a step ahead in his business. He also does exactly what he needs to do in order to stay a step ahead of Sloan.
Nothing will get in his way.
Nothing except Carter.

Please note that the content of this book is more graphic than the content of other books written by this author, hence the distinction between the names. This title is recommended for mature audiences only due to extreme graphic content. Recommended for readers 18+.
Warning: For readers who might be triggered by sensitive subject matter, this book contains scenes which depict rape, murder and other graphic violence.

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*****My Review*****

I should start with saying that I really had no idea what to expect when I picked this book up. I didn’t read the blurb. I often enjoy going into books blind. And while I haven’t absolutely loved every single thing Hoover has written, I appreciate her writing skills enough that I’m willing to give all of her books a try. And many have been instant favorites.

I had read one of her posts about this book back when she first made everyone aware of the project and knew from that that there were some erotic elements in the story. I wasn’t aware of the darker elements, though. While this book is classified as a romance, it wouldn’t be how I would have personally classified it. For me, the romance wasn’t the heart of the story. It was secondary. I should note here that it I did enjoy the romance, though, and it definitely helped the story not to be too overwhelming in the angst department.  *There’s still a lot of angst!!*

The book revolves around Sloan, who is in a very bad situation because she literally feels like it’s the only thing that will keep her brother safe and cared for. This book would be fantastic for a book club if you’re all willing to stomach the graphic stuff and discuss hard issues. What constitutes as rape? When is it cheating? And how will the law look at this situation? And chances are you’ll find yourself on opposite sides of the law. It might also have you second guessing yourself before judging someone else’s position. We so often think women are in bad situations because they’re weak, when the truth is that sometimes it’s because they’re really strong. It’ll give you a lot to think about.

This book really seemed to run the gamut of genres for me. A large chunk of it was psychological. Then you would feel like you were in a romance, and then a thriller. It’s a wild, dark ride, and Hoover is so good at making you feel everything that Sloan does. You won’t agree with everything she does, but you’ll understand it, and you’ll feel for her and the decisions she’s forced to make.

In the end, if you can stomach it, it’s definitely worth a read and will give you lots to think about! 4 stars!!


I have about 30 minutes left of Good Omens to listen to today to be caught up with where I’m supposed to be for my group read, and then I get to start listening to Obsidio!! I am soooo excited to finally be reading the end of The Illuminae Files!! After having to first reread Illuminae and Gemina, this has felt like a long time coming!!!

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