#SixforSunday ~ Tropes You Hate

#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot. Every week there is a bookish-themed prompt to inspire 6 choices.

Today’s topic is Tropes You Hate. For a list of upcoming topics, check out the bottom of this post. 🙂

I mentioned last week, that it was absolutely possible for me to enjoy all tropes. It just usually takes some fantastic writing skills to make me love any of these ~

The I have something to tell you that you don’t like so I’m going to hide it trope ~

I just recently read Marrying Winterborne, so it came to mind quickly. While I did enjoy the book, I was still thoroughly annoyed with Helen when she wouldn’t just open her mouth and tell Winterborne what she was hiding.

The Love Triangle Trope

This one is really a surprise for me. It’s a surprise in that it’s new for me. I used to not mind them at all, but now I can see that my tastes have changed. While I loved Stone Cold Touch, I hated that Layla was giving Zayne the time of day when it should have been all about Roth. And while I was reading this I noticed that this feeling wasn’t brand new and exclusive to this book. Then I was reading a blurb on another book I’ve been looking forward to and found myself moaning aloud when I saw that there was a love triangle in it. Obviously I’ll continue to torture myself and pick up these books, but the whole triangle is seriously bothering me now.

The I’m Attracted to the Jerk Trope

While I definitely enjoyed this book overall, I was for sure annoyed with her in the beginning when she was so attracted to her boss, who came of as a complete alphahole in the beginning. How can you be attracted to that?

The Let’s Start Out This Relationship With a Lie Trope

While I was fortunately able to enjoy this story, I never enjoyed the fact the Esme felt the need to be so deceitful.

The This Guy is Just Too Beautiful to Look At Trope

Now I will always have feelings of great nostalgia with Twilight, but I have always thought the whole thing where she went stupid because he was so beautiful was ridiculous!!

The Let’s Wrap Up the Whole Conflict in One Sentence Trope

I am not going to include any picks for this one because I feel like that could be a major spoiler.

Upcoming Topics ~

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August: Let’s celebrate colour!

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9th: Spring colours
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23rd: Autumnal colours
30th: Your favourite colour!

September: Characters ahoy #2

6th: ‘Clever’ characters
13th: Good role models
20th: Brave main characters
27th: Devious main characters

What are your favorite tropes?

Happy Reading,


14 thoughts on “#SixforSunday ~ Tropes You Hate

  1. Starting a relationship with a lie… ugh. That’s one that I avoid at all costs. I just loathe that one. Not only is it a lie (lame) but then it’s obvious that it’s going to come out, and that’s where the drama/conflict is going to come from, blah blah blah.


  2. I could do without triangles. Sometimes they are written so well, that I feel bad for the person who ends up alone. And I hate when they involve relatives (brothers, sisters, etc) or best friends. Strangers are usually ok


  3. Great list! I don’t enjoy the relationship built on lies/starting with lies trope either. How do they ever learn to trust each other? And, with a few exceptions, love triangles irritate me.


  4. Such a great list – I agree with every single one. I really hate “lets have one big secret that isn’t revealed until the end”. I’m not sure it’s actually a trope but it’s a plot device that has not only been overdone but smacks of lazy writing/ a lack of effort to thing of an interesting plot.


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