July 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

Happy Tuesday! July was a fantastic reading month for me! I finally got out of my reading funk. I had been so terribly picky lately, but I’m finally out of that. I don’t know that I’m ready for anything high angst, but that’s always something I have to be careful of. It can leave me feeling just UGH! 

For August I’ve decided to not do a TBR, but for now let’s see how I did with July.

Here are the books from my July TBR that I read ~

Unravel the Dusk ~ 3.5 Stars
The Empire of Gold ~ 5 Stars ~ Review
Obsidio ~ 4.5 Stars
The Little Paris Bookshop ~ 4 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge)

Good Omens ~ 4 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge)
The Hiding Place ~ 5 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge
The Printed Letter Bookshop ~ 4 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge)
The Little Bookshop on the Seine ~ 4 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge)

So, I got through 8 of the 16 book on my July TBR. Not bad. 

Here’s what I read for #JaneAustenJuly

Emma ~ 5 Stars
Pride and Prejudice ~ 5 Stars
Pride ~ 4 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge)
The Jane Austen Society ~ 4 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge)
Lady Susan ~ 4 Stars

And here’s what I watched for #JaneAustenJuly

I can honestly say that participating in Jane Austen July is what pulled me out of my funk. I think in particular it was reading Emma and Pride and Prejudice back to back. I’ll definitely try to remember that the next time I’m in a funk. I swear those two books just get better and better every time I read them. And if you’re interested, I’d give the new Emma 4 stars. Pride and Prejudice gets 10 stars…well, you see, that’s just my all-time favorite movie.

Now, here’s a list of other books I read this month ~

Beach Read ~ 4.5 Stars
Tood Late ~ 4 Stars ~ Review
The Bride Test ~ 4 Stars ~ Review

King of Lies ~ 4 Stars
A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder ~ 5 Stars (New-to-Me Author Challenge)
The Beast ~ 4.5 Stars

I read a total of 19 books in July. 8 of them worked towards my New-to-Me Author Challenge. I’ll do a final update for that challenge with my bingo board at the end of August. And Jane Austen July was undoubtedly a complete success for me – in more ways than one! And could you tell I had a bit of a bookshop obsession this month?? I’m determined to one day have my own bookshop. #DreamBig

~ Favorite of the Month ~

But, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder was a close runner up! Y’all, I had 5 5-Star reads in July! That’s just fantastic. My lowest rating was a 3.5, and I only had one of those.

What was your favorite read in July??

Happy Reading,

17 thoughts on “July 2020 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. What an absolutely incredible month of reading, Ali! Yay for getting out of your reading funk, too 😀 Austen works magic doesn’t she? Ah, seeing the movie poster for P&P makes me want to rewatch it again now so I might just do that this weekend ❤ You've read so many amazing books I can't wait to read (eventually haha) I hope August continues to be an awesome month of reading for you!


  2. I was just thinking about what a quality reading month you had. Wonderful!!! I was just commenting on how a lot of contemporary retellings are Austen-esque and I have never read any of the original books, and there you are, reading all those books.


    • I really did and it was so very refreshing! And there are certainly a lot of Austen retellings. I’ve enjoyed several, but none have ever come close the originals for me.


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