Because I Don’t Feel Like Writing Reviews

You heard me right! I just don’t feel like it right now. Sometimes I’m really in the mood to write reviews, but right now, not so much.

I do want to share my 5 latest recommendations, though, because despite not wanting to write up a review, I still want to gush a little over them.

I read The Wish Collector in December a couple years ago. Y’all, I can’t even remember what I read last week, so that tells ya something. I LOVED that book! I loved it so much that I was honestly scared when she released Savaged because it just sounded so very different. It sounded like a murder mystery, and while I enjoy those from time to time, it wasn’t what I was wanting from her….Oh how I wish someone would have whacked me in the head with this book. I should have just seen Mia Sheridan splashed on the cover and picked it up. Can y’all believe this book has been sitting on my shelf for months now…UNTOUCHED?!?!Β 

So yes, there’s a murder mystery taking place, but this book is so very much more!! How do I describe this book??? Let’s see ~ and abused alpha Tarzan wrapped up in a double homicide with a romance pulling the reins. This guy is all wolf in the bedroom with the sweetest and most neglected heart. 5 amazing strong stars! Great plot with fantastic character development!


Okay…so maybe I felt like writing a review??? Next up ~ Empire of Lies series

I’m just going to comment on this series as a whole. These books are novellas and really altogether make up what would typically be one book. If you’re looking for something edgy, dark, suspenseful, and HOT, then this just might be the series for you. ****Major Trigger Warning**** This series deals with sexual abuse of children and has some graphic scenes.

These books are short, but addictive, and they pack a punch! I give this whole series 4.5 Stars!


Next on my list ~Β 

I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with the fantastic storyteller quality of this book. I was curious about the book as a C.S. Lewis fan, but I honestly expected this to be one that I slowly trudged through. That was not the case. I was constantly finding chores that needed to be done, so I could continue to listen to this while working. It made me think of Lewis as a person and not just a writer. I definitely recommend this to all you Lewis fans out there that enjoy historical fiction. This book surprised me in more ways than one! It was so very touching and brought tears to my eyes! 5 Stars!

Next ~

For a while this year it seemed like all I could stand to read was romantic comedies, but thank God I’ve finally gotten over that hump. Obviously, I still love my rom-coms, though, and this is one that kept a smile on my face. It was definitely a bit cliche with an instalove romance, but I was just fine with that. If you’re looking for a quick read with a spunky grandma that’ll have you laughing out loud, I recommend this one! 4 Stars!


Last, but certainly not least ~

I almost always take notes while I’m reading books. I always like to be able to go back and look at my thoughts as I’m writing reviews later. But, that just didn’t happen with this book. I wrote 3 comments after the start of the second chapter and that was it. Why? Because this book just consumed me. You won’t feel like you’re reading about a girl who became a forger in France during WWII. You’ll feel like you’re witnessing everything through her eyes. This book will bring about all the feels. The romance won’t feel like the main point, but is so impactful. And the ending will just have you a complete ball of mush. If you enjoy WWII historical fiction, especially if you like them with romances, then I can’t recommend this enough! 5 fantastic stars!!

So that wraps up my 5 recommendations for you. This was fun! I might have to go back through some of the other books I’ve read and loved this year but didn’t review.

What recent reads would you recommend?

Happy Reading,


27 thoughts on “Because I Don’t Feel Like Writing Reviews

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  2. I’ve heard so much about Savaged, was told to read it multiple times, still have it on my tbr πŸ™ˆ

    Also, I’ve seen The Book Of Lost Names on Goodreads, and the reviews are amazing so far. Will have to finally put it on my tbr thanks to your post. 😁

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm


  3. I have no confidence in my book review skills so I never feel like writing them! lol. I like this post though, these are all new to me books and almost all of them sound very interesting.


  4. I really want to read The Book of Lost Names!!! But it is wish for it on Netgalley for me😭😭
    I also try to take notes, but most of the time I only end up taking for the first half of the book, and forget all about notes in the 2nd half.


    • I borrowed The Book of Lost Names through my library app. There was a long wait but I received the book a lot quicker than expected. I think everyone that read it ahead of me zoomed through it like I did! It took a while for me to develop my note taking habit. I finally got to where I force myself to stop when I have a thought I know I’ll want to hold onto later, and unfortunately if I don’t write it down then, it’ll probably be lost!


  5. A total mood. I’ve been really having to push myself to write reviews lately and when I write them I feel like I’m just going around in circles. It can be super frustrating! But what you’ve written here totally count as reviews, don’t they?! πŸ˜… I’ve had Book of Lost Names on my TBR since I heard about it earlier this year and it sounds AMAZING! So glad you enjoyed it. Also, is the Empire of Lies series based off other books (as you said they’re novellas)?


    • Yeah, I had to throw that little line in that maybe I was writing reviews after all. LOL! But, they were brief. I don’t know that the Empire of Lies series is based on other books, but maybe??? They are all close to 100 pages, and honestly they could have just been published as one book. It’s all one continuous story.


  6. Totally relate to not wanting to write reviews. I have two 5-star rated books waiting for a review. You think it would be easy, right? Emma Hart is an author I keep saying I must sample. They have her audiobooks on Hoopla. I should check one out. They all look fun.


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