Medieval-A-Thon TBR 2021

Happy Saturday! I can’t believe we’re already 9 days into the new year, and Medieval-A-Thon is already upon us! It’s running from Jan 10- Feb 10. This is one of those readathons that I so enjoy participating in. It’s just so much fun!! For all the deets be sure to check out Holly Hearts Books!

The first part of the challenge just focuses on your Nobility Rank, and this is purely based on how many books you read.

There are 5 professions that you may work your way up in, and each of those professions have 5 skill levels. I, of course, made a TBR for all 5 because that’s just half the fun!!

A book chosen for you ~ my besties have been wanting me to read this since early last year; A debut novel ~ I have been seeing so many great reviews for A Song of Wraiths and Ruin!!; A book with brown on the cover ~ this is one I already happened to own but never picked up; A book from a genre you don’t read from ~ I read from all genres but some less than others, so I went with one of those – mystery; A book by an author you admire ~ I had to go with my favorite author and I have been wanting to do a reread of the series building up for the new release anyways.

Gold, silver, or bronze in the title or cover ~ I decided to go with title and picked the first one I came across on my TBR that I already owned; A book you’re scared to read ~ the endings on the first 2 books killed me, but were absolutely acceptable (since they weren’t the last book). I need this book the heal their broken trust and bring them together in the end!! Definitely scared I’m not going to get that!!! A book with a weapon on the cover ~ again I went with the first one I came across on my TBR;A hard cover ~ I went with the hardcover on my shelf that I’m most looking forward to picking up next; A series finale ~ I have been looking forward to The Traitor’s Kingdom for quite a while now!

A book you’re unsure about ~ I have heard so many great things about this book, but I started it last year and there just wasn’t a whole lot that was happening in the beginning. I’m ready to give it another go now. First book to a series ~ this is one I’ll be reading with my homeschool kids; A book embossed or foiling on the cover ~ I have a Fairyloot edition of this book and it’s pretty cool with its embossed cover and sparkly sprayed edges; The last book you bought/borrowed ~ The Dugout happened to be the most recent book I borrowed and loaded onto my kindle; Prettiest book on your shelf ~ Among the Beasts & Briars is the prettiest of those that I haven’t picked up yet.

Read a book with a great first line ~ I was looking through some of the unread books on my shelf and came across this one – The demon is crouched in the corner, between the Cheetos and the onion dip. Needless to say, I had to make myself stop reading at that point because I definitely wanted to keep reading after that! A book with a travel element ~ The main character Em in this book sets off on a dangerous journey to enemy territory. I didn’t realized until looking at this synopsis for this challenge that Em and I also share a last name. Super cool! A book title that’s a character’s name ~ Bellarose has been on my TBR and it’s free on kindle; A book over 400 pages ~ I can always count on J.R. Ward for that! A book with multiple authors ~ Well, I was looking for a way to squeeze in Aurora Rising since it was sitting in my audible library!

Read an underrated book ~ I picked one that I got free for kindle with very low ratings; A book about books ~ this is the first one that I came across that was sitting on my TBR; A book with a person on the cover ~ again, I went with the first one I came across on my TBR, and bonus because I had already recently downloaded this one from hoopla; A book with the chosen one trope ~ I pulled up a chosen one trope list and The Lightning Thief was the first book on the list that I hadn’t already read. Plus, my middle child, J., has been begging me to read it. The fact that we already own it helps, too! Read whatever you want ~ I went with Gypsy King because it’s the oldest unread book sitting on my kindle.

Okay, now that I went through the fun of putting that all together…I have to say upfront that I seriously doubt I’ll read all of these. I have probably read over 25 books in one month, but it’s a rarity for sure. Second, I doubt I’ll necessarily stick to the books that I picked for this TBR. I wouldn’t doubt it if I stray because I came across something else that fits a prompt that I’m just wanting to read more than the book I originally picked. But, who knows???

Are you participating? If not, is there another online bookish event you’re looking forward to participating in??

Happy Reading,


30 thoughts on “Medieval-A-Thon TBR 2021

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  2. OMG, this readathon is amazing. The level of detail… is mind blowing! You have a lot of interesting books on your huge TBR. 🙂
    I have some of these books on my TBR, I’ve only read Kingdom of the Wicked and Aurora Rising. I hope you have fun, happy reading! 😊

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    • Yes the details are just awesome!! And I for sure have a huge TBR, but I think I’m going to kill it! I already finished (and loved) Aurora Rising, and I’m currently reading (and very much enjoying) Kingdom of the Wicked. Happy Reading!

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  4. You picked out some great books and I am glad you are participating in this readathon! It’s my favorite of the year. I hope you enjoy A Song of Wraiths and Ruin. It’s just a good debut!

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  5. This looks like such a fun challenge! I would join if I weren’t so bad with completing challenges but I hope you have a good time completing this one 😊 I loved The Dugout and Aurora Rising! A few of these are also on my TBR and hope to get to them this year. Happy reading, Ali!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I seriously doubt I’ll read all of these! LOL! I’m one of those ppl that is totally ok with not completing challenges. The thing with this challenge is all you have to do is literally read one book to move from being a prisoner to a peasant to be a success. The extra professions are to add on as you want. I have over-achiever eyes, so I just want to do them all! HaHa! Not likely to happen, but you never know. I want to see what I can pull off.


    • LOL! It is! I seriously doubt I get to them all, but I don’t want to say I can’t because you never know. I’m looking forward to the ones I do get to, though. And yes, so looking forward to A Song of Wraiths and Ruin!! Hope we both love it!


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