January 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. January had its ups and downs for our family, but overall I don’t feel like I could complain. We’re all healthy and even my father-in-law has been doing well. And I got a ton of reading done!

Let’s see what I read in January ~

I read a total of 21 books from a variety of genres, and one book was over 1,000 pages long!

~ Favorite of the Month ~

This was a really hard month to pick a favorite for! I finally went with The Wicked King. The way this book wrapped up was just perfect after the way the first ended.

I have to be honest and say that no book touched me even a tenth of what Gone With the Wind did. I just honestly don’t know how to rate that book, though. It wrecked me in more ways than one. I saw one reviewer say that they weren’t sure whether this book deserved 5 stars or 0, and that’s quite frankly how I feel about it. Believe it or not I’ve never seen the movie, and so I went in pretty blind. Over 3,000 people had labeled it as a romance. Well, they lied.

And now we’re on to February already. I’m hoping to put together a TBR for the month tomorrow. Fingers crossed! How was your January??

Happy Reading,

28 thoughts on “January 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. Wow, it looks like you had a great reading month in January, Ali! I see some favourites on here and I’m so glad to see that they were five stars for you too — especially Only When It’s Us! I hope you continue on with that series. I absolutely love it and can’t wait for more 😍 Hope your February is going well!

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    • LOL! I was super scared to read The Queen of Nothing, too, but I was very pleased with the way it was all wrapped up. I think The Wicked King was my favorite, though! I hope you have a great February as well!!

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      • I couldn’t put A Wicked King down. The political intrigue was so good. I just picked up The Queen of Nothing, I’m only 30 pages in but still scared. 😂 I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying this series. 😅

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      • I absolutely loved the way the ending of The Wicked King was a mirror to the finish of The Cruel Prince! I was so scared going into The Queen of Nothing, too!! I hope you end up as pleased with it as I was. Be sure to let me know what you think!!

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    • I did read a lot of great books in January! I haven’t watched Gone With the Wind, but I’m wanting to now to see how it differs. The book was definitely a hard read, but it felt like a good representation of the times and struggles.


  2. You had such an amazing reading month, Ali! I want to do a reread of ACOTAR before the new book releases this month. I haven’t read The Wicked King – I read the first book in the series and enjoyed it. I’m thinking I should continue with the series soon!

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    • I very much enjoyed The Cruel Prince, but put off the last two books for way too long. So glad I finally picked them up!! I’m hoping to zip through the rest of the ACOTAR books this month, including the new one, of course!! Can’t wait!!! I think I enjoyed ACOTAR even more this time believe it or not.

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  3. I really enjoyed The Wicked King more than the Cruel Prince. Probably my favourite of the three. As a matter of fact, I have yet to read the Cruel Prince all the way through.

    I’m excited for Spoiler Alert! I plan to read it in February!

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