February 2021 TBR

One month in the books, but I haven’t the slightest idea where all that time disappeared to. At least I squeezed in a lot of good books to show for all my time. I still have a lot of books to finish that I’ve already started, but I didn’t want to include them in my TBR for the month. I wanted to make a list of books I still need to start. At first I didn’t even want to include the rereads I’m hoping to get to, but then I thought that I just wasn’t being realistic, at all. That being said, I won’t necessarily hold myself to this list. We’ll see ~

This is probably pretty apparent, but this TBR is a bit ambitious for me. But, oh well, I had to rein myself in to keep it this easy. And if you recall, I’m still in the midst of Medieval-A-Thon, which doesn’t end until the 10th, and I didn’t include any of those books on this TBR. I still have 10 books to complete for Medieval-A-Thon, and I have 5 books on my January TBR that I still need to finish (2 of those at least are from the Medieval-A-Thon), but I have at least started them all. It’s all fun and games, though. I don’t beat myself up when I don’t accomplish a goal. I just enjoy all that I did accomplish along the way. And I’m really celebrating the fact that things have calmed down enough for me to even make a TBR!

What books are you hoping to read this month???

Happy Reading,


21 thoughts on “February 2021 TBR

  1. I can’t wait to read Midnight Library and Addie LaRue (although I’m procrastinating hard on the latter cos I’m terrified it won’t live up to the hype for me despite loving Schwab lol)! Also, YAS for Always Only You! 😍 Ren and Frankie are such wonderful characters and I absolutely love the disability rep in this romance. Happy reading, Ali!

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    • I am enjoying both The Midnight Library and Addie LaRue right now. I’m coming towards the end of both, though, and I’m very curious to see if I’ll like how they’re wrapped up in the end.


  2. Whoa, Ali. This is an amazing TBR. Most of these are on my TBR. I don’t know if I’ll get to A Court of Silver Flames this month. I wanted to reread ACOWAR and the novella before reading it and I don’t know if I’ll get to those. Addie La Rue and Midnight Library are definitely priorities. Happy reading!

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    • Thanks!! I am determined to reread all the ACOTAR books as soon as possible because I can’t wait to read the ACOSF. Addie LaRue and Midnight Library both have had interesting starts. I just haven’t made a lot of progress with either yet. Happy Reading!!

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  3. I am excited to read Midnight Library and Not My Romeo! 😍

    I’ve read Roommaid and it is such a fast read! 🀩

    I hope you enjoy all of the books mentioned here! πŸ’–πŸ’•


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