Talkin’ Bout ~ The Locker Room

Title: The Locker Room
Series: The Brentwood Boys
Author: Meghan Quinn

Release Date: June 17, 2019
Genres: Contemporary Romance/Sports


Have you heard the rumor around campus about the locker room?

If you haven’t, let me enlighten you: Legend has it if you bring a girl into the sacred after-game domain of the baseball locker room, it will end with a walk down the aisle. One rowdy and naked encounter against the lockers with the girl of your dreams will make her your wife.

Translation: baseball players are stupidly superstitious and believe the locker room has magical powers.

But not all baseball players are superstitious, me included.

So when the girl I’ve fallen for brushes me off, I start to question if I need to switch my way of thinking. Maybe it’s time I finally hand out a coveted invitation to the locker room.

The only question is, will she accept?

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Let’s Talk

I’m one of those people that really likes going into a book blind. I enjoy the anticipation and tension in the curiosity of what’s to come. With that in mind, I want to say that this review will probably be spoilerish, so if you just want to know if I liked it or not because you haven’t read it, scroll down to my last paragraph (before the stars) to avoid any spoilers. Or read at your own risk…

I have been rapidly working my way through Quinn’s Brentwood Boys (and spin-offs), and I have been loving them! However, while I enjoyed this one, it fell a little short of the mark for me.

I’ll start with mentioning the title and blurb. While the locker room is definitely brought up, this title and blurb would have probably better fit some of the other books in the series – not that that’s what I didn’t like about the book. I just kept wondering where it was going to come into the picture, and even when it did, well, it wasn’t what was promised.

Where I first became annoyed with this book, though (as far as the main characters go), was with Knox “staking a claim” on Emory and then promptly making out with another girl. And then the totally lame excuse he had?!? Then he followed this up by just coming off as a horn dog. (Side note: I was honestly annoyed with Emory’s bffs before this. They abandoned her at a party while she was trashed and new to the school.)

So, it probably sounds like I hated the book at this point, but I didn’t. Knox didn’t impress me from the start, but he had some endearing qualities that slowly won me over. And I even found myself laughing out loud a few times at the two of them.

I especially loved that although he came off as a horn dog in the beginning, he was totally willing to go without for a long haul for Emory. He was a cuddler! And I loved how he just wanted to be touching her skin just for the comfort. It became clear that Knox was all about Emory and that it went way beyond lust.

Now back to being annoyed…EMORY!!! Her excuse for all the separation just sucked for me. I was totally Team Knox and didn’t think it was selfless on her behalf. If they’re a team, then he should get a say so, but she just shut him down, and it cost them SO MUCH TIME!!! I am just not a fan of tons of time going by before a couple can get it together – particularly when it’s just a dumb decision by one of them.

Fortunately they get their crap worked out. And we get a little bit of a locker scene, but not what the blurb really suggests???

Okay, so here’s my unspoiled opinion. This book wasn’t everything I thought it would be, but I still enjoyed it. If Knox annoys you in the beginning, I do suggest giving him a little time. He’ll most likely grow on you like he did me. Just know this couple is likely to annoy the crap out of you before they bring you some happy. But, there will be some laughs along the way, too. 4.25 Stars!


I have The Lineup loaded on my kindle, so I’m looking forward to reading that soon. Overall, I have been loving Quinn’s books lately, and I’m definitely looking forward to more from her. I’ll also be reading The Wedding Game soon!

Happy Reading,


6 thoughts on “Talkin’ Bout ~ The Locker Room

  1. Ahahaha, I love this review because YES. I felt the same as you about so many of these points, especially about Emory. Ugh, ALL THAT TIME WASTED. Still irks me and I was definitely Team Knox in this one! I’ve already read The Dugout and liked that but still have to work through the rest of the series. Glad to hear it gets better though LOL

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