Top Ten Tuesday ~ TBR Books Set in Scotland

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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start! Today’s Top Ten topic is Places In Books I’d Love to Live. I decided to go with a variation on the topic. I’m 1/4 Scottish, and I have always had a fascination with the setting. So, I decided to share 10 books from my TBR that are set in Scotland.

Right about now this post has me wishing for the super power of teleportation. I do not enjoy flying – at all. The last time I flew, I puked. And to make it the most mortifying experience ever, I did it in my seat in front of everyone because I wasn’t allowed to leave my seat because we were landing. So, that sucked. But, I would absolutely love to go visit Scotland one day. In the meantime, I visit it in books and imagine myself there. Maybe one day??


Do you have any Scottish recs for me? Have you read any of these? Are any on your TBR?

Happy Reading,


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ TBR Books Set in Scotland

    • Thanks so much for the recs!! I had Kelly’s series on my TBR, but I didn’t have any of McCollum’s. I also had some of Sands books on my TBR, but I didn’t have that specific series. So, I just added a lot to my TBR!! LOL! Love it!!

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      • I read A LOT, but I don’t work, and my kids aren’t little anymore, so I have a lot of time on my hands. lol While they’re distance learning, I’m usually reading (unless they need me, of course), and I read at night a ton. 🙂

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      • My 2 kids that are still at home are both teens, but I teach a small group one day a week that I have to prepare for. And during the week I generally end up having to help with math from time to time. Really, it’s regular chores that keep me busy around here, though. I also spend a lot of time working outside for most of the year, too, because we have a lot of property. I do try to squeeze in audiobooks for most of my chore time, though. I get most of my reading in at night like you!

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  1. I hope you manage to get to Scotland some day! I’m Scottish and have lived in Scotland my whole life and I’m always so wary of books set here because they’re usually not super accurate *cough* Outlander *cough* Prince Charming *cough*, but I’m really looking forward to picking up Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins!

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  2. I want to go to Scotland too! One book I read, The Debt by Katrina Halle, took me on a fantastic trip through the Highlands. She used to be a travel writer, and it showed when she was describing the trip.

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