March 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

So the craziness continues here in Louisiana. April Fool’s decided to bring us an earthquake this year…except it wasn’t a joke. And the funny thing is…I slept through it, and I’m bummed about it. My mom, however, did not. She was up all night scared. She thought ppl were out on her porch and that it was shaking her trailer. She covertly looked and didn’t see anything, but stayed up all night scared. I do feel bad for her, but if you knew my mom, you’d also find it a bit funny. I should probably mention that earthquakes don’t happen here…I have never felt one before (well I guess I didn’t feel this one either). LOL!

Fortunately there wasn’t anything crazy going down in March (tornadoes around us, but fortunately none in my immediate area) – especially after the freak snow storm of February that so many are still recovering from.

I did, however, get in a lot of great books!!

Let’s see what I read in March ~

I finished 24 books, which is a big reading month for me.

And I’ve read a grand total of 77 books so far this year.

~ Favorite of the Month ~

4.75 Stars

I think this might just be the first time I’ve picked a mystery as my favorite book of the month. It was just that good! I was hooked from the start. I really want to get a review up on this one. Hopefully soon!

And now we’re on to April! We had a bunch of rain and storms in March, so I’m hoping for April we can skip ahead to the flower part of April’s showers brings May flowers. I’m heading to the store this morning so my mother and I can do a little bit of gardening today. We need to get some transplants in the ground.

I wish you all a fabulous April and many wonderful books!!

Happy Reading,

18 thoughts on “March 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. It seems like the weather worldwide has been kinda nuts cos March saw a ton of small tornadoes, flooding and landslides in Indonesia as well thanks to intensely heavy rains. It looks like you had a pretty great reading month though! I see some favourites and some that I’m really looking forward to reading soon 😍 I’m so curious about Sun Down Motel but don’t think I can handle the creepy ghost factor πŸ™ˆ Haha I hope you have an awesome April, Ali!

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    • Ugh! Sorry y’all are dealing with all that, too. I was a bit scared when I saw that Sun Down Motel had a ghost factor, but it never once got scary with the way the author handled it. I have another friend that can be a scaredy cat, too, and she said she never got scared either. So, I definitely recommend it if that’s all that’s holding you back. Hope your April is awesome, as well!!


    • LOL! It was only last year that we experienced our first hurricane (they’d always been downgraded to tropical storms before coming up this far), so my daughter has been going on and on about all the weather craziness since last year. Right now we’re dealing with tornado season, too. We have storms moving in this afternoon, so fingers crossed that they don’t bring any tornadoes this go around.


  2. You did so well this month! And so many high ratings! Some of those books I have loved too. Great wrap-up! Can’t wait to see what you read in April.

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  3. What an AMAZING month! There are so many here that I’ve read and that are on my TBR. I really want to read The Sun Down Motel so I am so glad you liked that one because its not one I’ve seen talked about that much!

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    • Maybe?? LOL! Yeah, my mom is one of those that freaks out over the tiniest things, so we teased her a lot today. My son said he was just starting to fall asleep when it hit (imagine that – a teen falling asleep at 2:30). He said he stood up because he thought the pictures were gonna fall off the wall and hit him. He said he quickly figured out it was an earthquake, but then laid back down as soon as it stopped and went to sleep without giving it any further thought. He was just so chill about it while my poor mom was freaking out. LOL!

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