Make It Sweet ~ Review

Title: Make It Sweet
Series: N/A
Author: Kristen Callihan

Release Date: February 23, 2021
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Montlake


From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Callihan comes a charming, emotional romance about redefining dreams and discovering unlikely love along the way.

Life for Emma isn’t good. The world knows her as Princess Anya on Dark Castle, but then her character gets the axe—literally. The cherry on top is finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. She needs a break, and sanctuary comes in the form of Rosemont, a gorgeous estate in California promising rest and relaxation.

Then she meets the owner’s equally gorgeous grandson, ex–hockey player and current recluse Lucian Osmond, and she sees her own pain and yearning reflected in his eyes.

He’s charming when he wants to be but also secretive and gruff, with protective walls as thick as Emma’s own. Despite a growing attraction, they avoid each other.

But then there’s an impromptu nighttime skinny-dip, and Lucian’s luscious homemade tarts and cream cakes start arriving at Emma’s door, tempting her to taste life again…

In trying to stay apart, they only grow closer—and their broken pieces just might fit together and make them whole.

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*****My Review*****

I have been dealing with a slump this month, and I know that it’s affecting my opinions lately. So, keep that in mind as you read this review.

I found the beginning of the story very intriguing. The groundwork for the plot and characters is all laid out just like it’s mentioned in the blurb. I often disagree with blurbs, but someone did a great job with this one – not that I read it beforehand. Y’all know I enjoy going in blind!

I could immediately feel the chemistry between Emma and Lucian. And I appreciated that, but there was a point around midway that I wished that I was getting some more in depth conversations between them. I could see them growing closer, but it still felt for a little bit that the physical aspects were outweighing the emotional connection. And then there was about 10 percent of the book that felt entirely dedicated to sex, and I was more than ready to move on from it. Ultimately, though, I did feel the emotional connection and enjoyed watching them grow together and get to know each other.

I also very much appreciated watching Lucian overcome his personal situation. And, of course, watching his love for baking! Oh my gosh, the food descriptions alone were amazing!! I loved that so much attention to detail was used to describe all of the fantastic desserts! And seeing how Lucian let thoughts of Emma influence his creations…sigh.

Then we get to the conclusion, and I was just so completely won over for this couple. It was just sooo good! 4.25 Stars!

*Please check out trigger warnings elsewhere if you have triggers. I tend to overlook adding them in my reviews.*


I can’t remember previously reading a book with a male baker. I’m thinking surely I have, but I can’t remember any. I love books that bring in an unique element like that. Have you read Make It Sweet? Are you planning to? Have any recommendations for me?

Happy Reading,


9 thoughts on “Make It Sweet ~ Review

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  2. I loved Luc so much. He had a really big decision to make, and yes, he made me batty for a bit there, but I was glad he was able to work through it all. I thought the side characters were fabulous in this book too

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