@DesertAThon May 2021 TBR

When I first started looking into readathons happening in May, I couldn’t find any. A few weeks later and BAM! There’s tons of them, and I was left having to choose between them. Part of me wanted to just say I was going to do them all, but yeah, I know myself better than that. There are times when I could pull that off, but not right now.

DesertAThon takes place throughout the month of May, and if you’re interested, then you can check out all the info here ~

I have to admit that’s it’s probably the combination of doing a board game/readathon that won me over. I’m a big fan of books and board games!

We have the option to roll for the prompts one at a time or all up front. (I’ve even seen some people choose to roll for just their first few books.) I chose to do all my rolling up front. Here are the prompts I landed on – along with the books I chose for them. And in case you’re interested I used a six-sided die. We were given the option to choose.

My first roll was a 2 – Warm Word – An Ember in the Ashes. This is a reread for me.

Then I rolled a 1 – Go to 8. Roll again. Then I rolled another 1. Go Back to 7. Backlist Book – Dance of Thieves. It was published in 2018, and I’ve been wanting to read it for a long time now.

Next I rolled a 5 – Travels. I chose The Last Namsara since I know the MC travels around slaying dragons.

Then I rolled a 6. I thought I was making progress around the board, but it said Go Back to 15 – Strong Female Protagonist. This is hard to know without reading the book, but after reading the blurb for We Hunt the Flame, I think I chose well.

Next roll was a 5 – Roll Again. I rolled a 3 – Go to 27Animal on the Cover. Girl, Serpent, Thorn definitely has that covered!

My next roll was a 6 – Wild Card – so I picked The Stolen Kingdom, which is an Aladdin retelling.

Then I rolled a 4 – Go Back to 35 – Warm Setting – The Forbidden Wish.

Next up was a whopping 1 – Random TBR Book – The Hundredth Queen

And then another 1!! – Go Back to 35 – AGAIN!! – Warm Setting – this time I chose Rebel of the Sands, which has been on my TBR forever.

Then I roll a 4 – A Journey – I chose The Gilded Ones. From what I could tell from the synopsis, this fits.

My next roll was a 6 – Roll Again – then a 1 – Book Over 400 pages – The Wrath and the Dawn. My copy has just over 400 pages. This is a book I’ve been wanting to reread for a while, and it fits perfectly in this readathon!

Then I roll another 1 – Desert Setting – The Assassin’s Curse.

Next up was a 2 – Standalone – The Candle and the Flame. This book seems to be very hit and miss with many people, but I’d like to give it a try.

After that I rolled a 6 – Go to 59 Book with a Sword Fight. Markswoman screams sword fights!

And my next roll was a 4, which puts me at the end – A Book Set in the Desert – and Empire of Sand screams desert!

So those are my dice rolls and TBR picks for this readathon. Please note, that as usual for me, I’m not necessarily holding myself to these picks. I’m gonna flow with my moods, so if I’m not enjoying one of these I’ll try something different. I loved that I ended up with a total of 15 books since that’s about perfect for my typical reading months.

Are you participating in DesertAThon or any of the other readathons happening this month??

Happy Reading,


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