April 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

I’m a little later than my usual with the wrap-up this month, but that’s okay. Good thing there’s no rules to this blogging thing. I can just do what I want when I feel like it. 🙂

Let’s see what I read in April ~

I finished 20 books, which isn’t by any means bad although it was my lowest month of the year so far.

It brought my grand total for the year to 97. I read all the books from my TBR with the exception of 5. Four of those I am currently reading, and I still intend to read the 5th soon.

These Violent Delights was from my January TBR, which I’ve now completed. King of Scars was from my March TBR, which is also now complete. So, April’s TBR is the only one I haven’t finished so far this year, which is awesome for me.

And although I had a slumpy month, I had 4 5-star reads!

~ Favorite of the Month ~

I’m taking rereads out of the picture or you’d probably see Six of Crows sitting here. That being said, Dear Ava was so, so good!

So that wraps up my reading for April. Hopefully I’ll have up my May TBR here shortly!

Happy Reading,

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