@DesertAThon & May Wrap-Up

Another month in the books! Unintentional pun there. I feel like I had a lot going on in May, and I still skipped out on several invitations just because I needed to have some downtime in the mix.

I wrapped up the school year for my youngest two, and the other homeschoolers I teach. I celebrated the graduation of one of those “others.” My oldest wrapped up his sophomore year of college, and managed to add another minor degree onto his stack. And we celebrated his birthday in May, too. We also attended the graduation of one of my bestie’s children, and my hubs boiled crawfish for the celebration afterwards.

I spent a weekend in Arkansas with my besties, so we could go hiking in the mountains. I just love waterfalls!

My daughter and I worked hard at rearranging rooms to move her into another room and moving my library downstairs. We aren’t anywhere near done, but we certainly got a lot accomplished!

We played lots of board games with my son home from school for a bit.

And I went with my hubs and daughter fishing on Caddo Lake. I read. They fished.

The hubs is holding the big catch of the day, but it was actually our daughter that caught the catfish. Isn’t the moss in the trees so pretty?!?!

I know I did a billion other things, but those were some of the highlights.

Now for some book talk! I participated in @DesertAThon in May. I ended up veering off course with the books I had chosen. That’s really no surprise, though. I said I’d probably do that. As I’m writing up this post I really have no idea if I completed the game or not. I’m curious to see how I did.


My TBR ~

Warm Word – I read my TBR book but had to move it to another prompt. But, I read Incendiary and it definitely fits this one!

Backlist Book – I read my TBR book!

Travels – I read my TBR book!

Strong Female Protagonist – I read my TBR book, but moved it to another slot, but I think Laila fits the bill in Falling Out of Hate with You.

Animal on the Cover – My TBR book was Girl, Serpent, Thorn. I didn’t get to that one unfortunately. But, I did read The Match and the cute service dog on the front covers this prompt.

Wild Card – I didn’t get to The Stolen Kingdom. But I could easily squeeze in any other book I read here.

Warm Setting – I read my TBR book!

Random TBR Book – I didn’t read The Hundredth Queen, but again, any book I’ve been wanting to read would fit.

Warm Setting – I unfortunately didn’t get to Rebel of the Sands, but People We Meet on Vacation definitely fits this prompt!

A Journey – I didn’t get to The Gilded Ones, but The Legacy fits this prompt literally and metaphorically I think.

Book Over 400 pages – Definitely bummed I didn’t get to my reread of The Wrath & the Dawn. But, I finally finished The Forbidden Man, which comes in at 502 pages.

Desert Setting – I didn’t read The Assassin’s Curse, so I maneuvered my TBR.

Standalone – I didn’t get to The Candle and the Flame, but any standalone would work.

Book with a Sword Fight – I read my TBR book!

A Book Set in the Desert – I didn’t read Empire of Sand, so I pulled We Hunt the Flame from another slot!

So that’s a WIN! I read a book to fit every prompt!! I also finished 3 other books this month ~

Ha! So, I definitely didn’t plan this, but it’s funny how those covers are so similar with a single male looking to the left and they all have blue highlights.

Overall, I had a great reading month and I got to try a lot of new-to-me authors while also revisiting some faves. I read 18 books and over half of them were 4.5 Stars or higher. I’ve read a total of 115 books for the year.

Favorite Read

If you ask me later, I may have a different opinion because I read some really great books this month. BUT, this book kept me smiling, giggling, and straight up laughing out loud throughout the whole thing!

How was your May???

Happy Reading,


6 thoughts on “@DesertAThon & May Wrap-Up

  1. You did so well with your readathon! Glad you had plenty of high rated books as well. I’ve always enjoyed moss in the trees. It reminds me of my time in North Carolina. I’d love to go back lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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