Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books I Loved That Made Me Want More Like Them

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Happy Tuesday everyone!! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start! We had a nasty storm come through yesterday, and the winds took out one of the big trees in front our house. Praise God it didn’t fall on our house and the top of it just missed a utility pole. I was at Walmart with my kids when the storm hit. Another tree fell on our road, and my boys and I got out of the car to clean up some of the debris to keep from doing any damage to my car or anyone else’s for that matter.

Today’s Top Ten topic is Books I Loved that Made Me Want More Books Like Them. Such a good question! I often have books that inspire me to want more on a specific topic!

This book left me curious about so many topics and people involved in American History, and it wasn’t because this book was lacking in any way. It taught me a lot about our revolutionary period.


While My Dear Hamilton taught me a lot about the revolutionary period, Gone With the Wind taught me so much about the Civil War and Reconstruction periods. And it definitely left me wanting to read and learn even more about that period of American history.

I only just finished this one yesterday. It definitely left me curious to learn more about Scotland and their past tensions and battles with England.

This book taught me so much about Irish history, but it definitely left me wanting to learn more!

I absolutely loved the historical aspects of this book, and it definitely left me wanting more on Shanghai history.

4.5 Stars

This book is set on Bear Island in Norway. It definitely left me wanting to learn more about the effects of global warming on our environment.

4 1/4 Stars

This book definitely taught me a lot about chess, but I was surprised to find that it piqued my interest in learning even more on the subject!

4.5 Stars

I enjoyed this book much more than I anticipated when picking it up. And, I was surprised to get so much history in it. It definitely had me wanting to learn more on the history of the Mormons.

This book definitely had me wanting to read lots more on the subject of hacking!

I have read all 6 of Jane Austen’s novels and some of her other works, too. This book left me curious about Jane Austen herself rather than just her works. And how perfect to think of this now with Jane Austen July coming up next month, which I always LOVE participating in!!


So I’m excited to see who stuck to the topic today, and which topics you want to learn more about. Also, if you have any book recommendations on the topics I mentioned, please let me know!!

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18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books I Loved That Made Me Want More Like Them

  1. I have only read These Violent Delights from your list! I think I do have a couple of these on my tbr though, haha. Glad you and your family are okay!

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  2. My mother is obsessed with anything related to Irish history – non fiction, fiction, you name it. She has shelves of books pertaining to the Irish

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