#JaneAustenJuly & July Wrap-Up

This is coming out a little later into August than I’d hoped, but we’re only 7 days into the month, so it’s not too bad.

July was a crazy month for me. I finally got to come home from Tennessee after being quarantined there with covid at the beginning of the month. Then I only had a week to continue recovering and get everything washed up to leave for our vacation to North Carolina.

North Carolina was an absolute blast, though. I recovered enough to go hiking, ride the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, go whitewater rafting down the Nantahala River, visit the Cherokee Reservation, and visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Then we finally made it back home with just two weeks to spare before starting school. And the bulk of the first week back was spent getting my daughter completely moved into her new room. My library didn’t get completed yet, but at least my daughter is all settled.

Now for some book talk! I participated in #JaneAustenJuly as I have the past several Julys now. This is the first year I didn’t make a TBR, but I have just been wanting to be a complete mood reader over the last couple months – not that I feel beholden to stick to a TBR. I just haven’t taken the time for one.



Books Read

Movies Watched

Mansfield Park was a reread, but the other books were all first time reads, and I enjoyed each of them. And I loved revisiting a couple favorite retellings in movie form, too! #JaneAustenJuly was a definite success for me.

Other Books Read in July

Overall, I had a fantastic reading month! I read 25 books, and I’m still not sure how I managed it with everything I had going on.

Now here’s to all of us having a wonderful August!!

Happy Reading,


22 thoughts on “#JaneAustenJuly & July Wrap-Up

    • Thanks! Picking a favorite was too hard! I really enjoyed the Truly Devious books, Yes & I Love You, Getting Played, On the Rocks, Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Words…well, see, I had a lot of them that I really enjoyed. LOL!


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