Top Ten Tuesday ~ 10 Most Recent Fictional Crushes

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Today’s Top Ten topic is Fictional Crushes. Easy peasy! But, there are just so many, so I’m going to go with my 10 most recent crushes.

Fabiano in Twisted Loyalties won me over so fully when he was willing to lay down his life for Leona instead of hurting her – even if it was to protect her.

And Jax in Intrigued by Love won me over with his never-tiring, relentless pursuit of Kai. It was just over, above, and beyond!

Gabriel, oh my, Gabriel. Gabriel in Most of All You is just one of those one in a million characters. He has endured such unspeakable atrocities, but he is full of life, hope, joy, and so much love.

Dean Walker in Getting Played. This guy won me over in multiple ways. The way he was with his students. The way he interacted with Lainey’s teenage son, Jason. And last, but not least, the way he really stepped up in every way for Lainey. He went above and beyond!

We don’t get to know Brent for quite a while in Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Words, but we soon see there’s a reason for it. And we see that Brent has been doing all that’s within his power to give Heidi all the room she needs to grow and be the person she wants to be. He just so diligently works to give her exactly what she needs. It was so heartwarming!

Noah Becker so won me over in On The Rocks. I absolutely loved the relationship he has with his mom. The way him and his brothers would take turns dancing with their mom after their father died on the nights they had dinner together. Swoon! And his determination to show Ruby Grace what love really looks like…

Alexander, in My Darling Duke, just pulled on all of my heartstrings. He was struggling with a disability left from a fire that took his parent’s lives, and he didn’t even think he was capable of having a physical relationship with a woman, much less was he in the mood to pursue one. But, his intrigue with Kitty was so strong, that he couldn’t help himself. Watching him overcome all of his demons for Kitty was so beautiful!

Eliot in Sweet Talk is just the perfect cinnamon roll guy. He might look on the outside like a hot guy that has it all together, but he struggles on the inside. He has dyslexia and some other learning disabilities. And he’s been through a traumatic experience that he’s yet to recover from. But, his willingness to forgive, not pass around blame, be full of understanding and love…

Trystan in Accidental Tryst is a serial dater that accidentally swaps his phone with Emmy. Watching Trystan evolve into the guy that will just do anything he can to keep Emmy on the phone with him was so sweet. The way he steps up to help Emmy with all of her needs (including finding her foster uncles that leaves undetected from the home he’s in), and his absolute reluctance to get his phone back…

And finally, Teddy from Second First Impressions. My favorite thing about Teddy is that he sees Ruthie. It doesn’t matter that everyone thinks she dresses like an old lady. It doesn’t matter that she’s all buttoned up. It doesn’t matter that even her closest friend is working to change her. Teddy already sees her and unapologetically proclaims that he likes what he sees.


These are my most recent fictional crushes. I’m excited to see who everyone chose today!

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    • I enjoyed Second First Impressions but felt like it missed some of its potential. I thoroughly enjoyed Getting Played and am looking forward to reading the rest of that series! Hope you get to them and enjoy them!

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