Some Quick Reviews & Updates

Happy Thursday! I’m sure this isn’t surprising, but I just haven’t felt like putting review posts together lately. But, I’ve been trying to at least leave brief thoughts on Goodreads after I finish each book. I thought I’d share a few recent ones today. And if you don’t already have me as a friend on Goodreads, you can find me HERE.

Now for a few quick thoughts on some recent reads (I linked to Goodreads so you can check out the blurbs if you aren’t familiar with the book) ~

Rating: 5 out of 5.


This book just hit all my marks. I was just never once disappointed with the road it took. Fabiano just kept winning me over more and more without ever fully disappointing me. I loved his protectiveness and his unwillingness to push Leona into something she didn’t want or that he knew she wasn’t ready for. And of course Leona couldn’t help but fall when she’d never been loved and protected by anyone. But, I loved that she was still fighting for herself. She refused to go down the road her parents were stuck in.
I had some Edward Cullen vibes when he kept trying to warn her he wasn’t a good guy, and I was so here for it!
And then the plot with its tension (and the brief bits of dread) and the way everything resolved was just so good! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


The connection between Kayla and the guys was constantly one step forward and two steps back. I would get frustrated at times and put it down, but I could never leave it down for long because it just kept calling to me – LOUDLY. I love that Kayla doesn’t put up with crap from the guys, though. And in the end there’s so much build up, but then we get a cliffhanger instead of any fulfillment. Needless to say, I’ve already downloaded the second book. I need more!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


I can’t decide if I liked the romance or the sibling relationships best in this book. They were both so good, and I definitely recommend the series for those of you that enjoy historical fiction romance and good sibling relationships in your stories. But, make sure you don’t have a problem with a little paranormal element in your story. For me, it just added to the intrigue. Oh, and it had some great mystery/thriller aspects to spice up the fun!


I already checked off my first bingo square in the Halloween Readathon. It was an easy check off, too, since it was a very short story. I read The Tell-Tale Heart by Poe for Classic Lit Spooky Read. It’s one I’ve been wanting to read for quite a while now. I feel like I probably read it when I was younger, but don’t remember it. It’s very brief, but I still very much enjoyed it. It’s definitely the kind of horror my chicken self can stand.

I wouldn’t doubt it at all if I read some more Poe this month. I’m already reading a few books that would fit some of these prompts, but there are others that I am still very unsure of. And, if I finish all the prompts (which I fully expect to), then I’ll probably start reading multiple books that fit the same prompt because…why not. I love to read. LOL! So, be sure to keep hitting me up with your spooky recommendations!

Happy Reading,


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