Bookshelves Are Loaded Up

Good afternoon!! Or good morning, or good night – whatever it is where you are. Here in my neck of the woods it’s a nice sunny afternoon, and it’s only in the 80s!! We are finally getting some cooler temps. Let me tell you that the 80s feel sooooo much better than the 90s and 100s.

I have finally got my bookshelves loaded up. I will probably change them up a hundred times as I continue to reorganize my older bookshelves now, but I figured I’d at least go ahead and post a pic.

As you can probably tell, I seriously lack in photography skills. It looks so small in the pic. LOL! I’m happy with it, though. I’ll be adding some stuff to the top and possibly some other decorative touches, but that’ll have to wait for now. I have to get all of my other books back on shelves since I pulled so many off as I played with getting this bookshelf how I wanted it for now.

Consider this to be a before pic. Sometime in the next few months (hopefully), my brother will be adding an extension from the new shelves to the window. It’ll help me get rid of this black shelf that is on its last leg. And I’ll have more shelf room because I still have so many books that are crammed on other shelves or even sitting in stacks on the floor (as you can see some are in this pic). I’m hoping that with this new shelf, I’ll at least be able to cram all of my books onto a shelf somewhere now. I just don’t intend to do any cramming on this new shelf.

Then I’ll just need to add a nice comfy chair(s). My daughter insists she needs to be able to cuddle up in there with me. LOL! Oh, and I want to replace the TV that’s in there. We had a lightning storm a while back, and my current TV was a victim. I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I do enjoy a movie from time to time, and sometimes the other TVs are all being occupied by my hubs or our kids. Sometimes a girl just needs to watch Pride and Prejudice. So, yes, I want a TV in my library. LOL!

I hope y’all enjoy the rest of your day! I still have a lot more books to cram on a shelf somewhere.

Happy Reading,


20 thoughts on “Bookshelves Are Loaded Up

    • Thanks!! And yes, it’s a bonus to have a sibling in construction. I paid for the supplies and gave him a little extra, but he definitely cut me a major deal. I’m looking forward to getting another TV and a nice, comfy chair!


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