October 2021 Wrap-Up

It’s that time again to wrap up another month. We have almost made it through another year. Thinking about time…are the rest of y’all finding that you’re labeling everything pre-covid or post-covid? I was thinking on my camping trip this past weekend about how covid has become a thing we track time around.

Okay, enough of that, let’s talk books. Here’s what I read in October ~


I finished 14 books in October. I’m pretty pleased with that since I’ve been reading a large number of books all at once, and I had a nice variety of genres: historical romance, PNR, nonfiction, mystery/thrillers, contemporary romance, and fantasy. Twilight and Jane Eyre were rereads. My favorite new read was ~

It was so very good – quite possibly my favorite of the year.

At the end of October my total books read hit 208.

How was your October reading? Any fun fall reading plans?

Happy Reading,


18 thoughts on “October 2021 Wrap-Up

    • Oh my gosh, Sam! Are you doing okay with it? I hate that! *HUGS* With my covid comment, though, I was instead thinking of the before covid became a concern, and now we’re living in the times after when covid is a part of our lives. I realize the post-covid can sound like after it’s over – which it obviously isn’t. Praying you get better quickly and don’t have any serious issues with it! My daughter, myself, and my mom are still struggling with after effects of when we had it this summer.

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      • I had one day with a high fever. Now it’s just headache and a bit achy. Feels like a cold. Not even close to that one time I had the flu. I feel lucky I was vaccinated because that’s most likely why it’s so mild. Thanks for all the good energy.

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      • So glad that you’re doing well!! I do think the shots are helping, but when it got bad here this summer half of my mom’s most critical patients had been vaccinated. Hoping the boosters will help a lot of people.

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