2022 Goals and Challenges

At the end of 2020 I had my hands very full of taking care of my father-in-law. Surgeries, radiation, chemo, and immunotherapy ruled my days. I wasn’t the one going through it, but I was the one scheduling appointments, taking him to appointment, talking with doctors, and filling out med boxes (which often had to be changed daily as the doctors kept changing things). My heart certainly goes out to cancer patients first and foremost. But, I also gained a massive respect for caretakers. I have heard second hand how stressful it can be, but I really had no idea until I lived it.

All of that to say that I didn’t make any goals for 2021. Survival was the focus. We didn’t think my father-in-law would make it to see Christmas in 2020. But, I’m happy to say that we celebrated his birthday here in 2022 yesterday. He still has cancer, but immunotherapy is managing it well for now, and he’s finally able to feel like he has a somewhat normal life again, which means I do, too. So, without further ado, here are my goals and plans for 2022 – God willing.

Reading Goals

  • Read 10 Nonfiction books
  • Read 10 Mystery/Thriller books
  • Complete 10 Series
  • Read 10 History/Historical Fiction books
  • Make Progress on 10 Series I’ve Already Started
  • Read 10 Classics
  • Try 10 New Authors
  • Read 10 ARCs
  • Read 10 Books Published in 2022


So, that’s my plan for now. I have seriously decreased my reading goal for 2022. I’m hoping to create bullet journal spreads for the books I read, and I know that’ll slow my reading progress down. But, it’s what I’m wanting to do for now. We’ll see how things go as the year progresses. I never thought I’d read over 230 books in 2021, but it happened.

Do you have any reading plans or challenges you’re planning on participating in this year?

Happy Reading,


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