February 2022 Reading Wrap-Up #TropeAThon

Another month in the books. Besides being a little under the weather, February was a decent month for me. I got my hands on my most anticipated read for the year, and it was everything I’d hoped for. I mapped out a lot of plans for the spring, and it was a successful month business wise. My oldest wrapped up another quarter at school and started an internship for an environment science company. And we got chickens. They are the cutest. I’ll try to post some pics soon.

February TBR

Here are my picks for February ~

  • A book with a character on the ace spectrum ~ Bound by Firelight by Dana Swift 4.5 Stars
  • Title starts with “D” ~ Dear Heart, I Hate You by J. Sterling 4.5 Stars
  • A book I know nothing about ~ Eternal Sunshine by L.J. Shen 3.5 Stars
  • Title starts with “W” ~ With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo 4.5 Stars
  • Protagonist Uses a Mobility Aid ~ How to Walk Away by Katherine Center 5 Stars
  • Favorite past Popsugar Prompt (Author Read Before) ~ Electric Idol by Katee Robert 5 Stars
  • Book about a band or musical group ~ Lucky Leap Day by Ann Marie Walker 4 Stars
  • Title starts with “Q” ~ Que es Nuevo en el Zoologico? by Suzanne Slade No rating

Here are the other books I read in February ~

  • Luca Vitiello by Cora Reilly 4.5 Stars
  • Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly 4.5 Stars
  • The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams 5 Stars
  • Royal Valentine by Jenn McKinlay 4 Stars
  • The Girl in the Plane by Katherine Center 4 Stars
  • Bound by Duty by Cora Reilly 4 Stars
  • House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas 5 Stars
  • Bound by Hatred by Cora Reilly 4.5 Stars
  • Mason by Tijan 4.5 Stars
  • Logan Kade by Tijan 4.5 Stars
  • House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas 5 Stars
  • Falling For Your Best Friend by Emma St. Clair 4 Stars
  • Snow Day by Julie Lipson 4 Stars

Favorite Book of the Month

I don’t think this will come as any surprise to those of you that stop by regularly. LOL! I absolutely love her books. She always takes me for a ride. While there are definitely things I can predict in her stories, she still catches me so off guard with multiple twists I never see coming. And I always connect to her characters on such a deep level. The combination of her intricate plots, great world building, and characters that I love just keep me coming back for more.

Goals & Challenges

  • Read 10 Nonfiction books ~ No progress
  • Read 10 Mystery/Thriller books ~ 2
  • Complete 10 Series I Already Started ~ 1
  • Read 10 History/Historical Fiction books ~ 4
  • Make Progress on 10 Series I’ve Already Started ~ 3 Fallen Crest High, Crescent City, and Dark Olympus
  • Read 10 Classics ~ 1
  • Try 10 New Authors ~ 20 COMPLETED: Katherine Center, Annabelle Anders, Elizabeth Gaskell, Jenn McKinlay, Amanda Zook, Erin Wright, Sara Whitney, John Marrs, Sophie Lark, Sydney Smyth, Jackie Lau, Mimi Matthews, Eva Pohler, Dana Swift, Stephanie Perkins, Julie Lipson, Emma St. Clair, Suzanne Waites Slade, Ann Marie Walker, Elizabeth Acevedo
  • Read 10 ARCs ~ No progress
  • Read 10 Books Published in 2022 ~ 5

Goodreads 100 Books: Read 43

Popsugar Reading Challenge ~

I was able to fulfill a few more prompts in Feb. The prompts are in pencil, and I write over them in ink once I fulfill them.

Beat the Backlist Bingo

Again, I was able to fulfill a couple more prompts for the bingo board.

A to Z Reading Challenge ~

And my A to Z challenge is rapidly filling up!


I really didn’t think I’d even get one path done for TropeAThon because I read 2 books over 800 pages. And those two books had me in such a book hangover. I could only manage to mood read after them. But, color me surprised when I saw that I was able to complete both the red and purple paths. And, I was only one short of completing the yellow path, too.

I’d love to hear how your February went!

Happy Reading,


16 thoughts on “February 2022 Reading Wrap-Up #TropeAThon

  1. You are doing great! I’ve heard great things about CC2. Glad that it was the same for you. I haven’t read the first one, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you had such a great reading month! I still have to read the first Crescent City book but now I’m kind of tempted to hold off on starting it until the third book in this series is out cos they’re so chunky and my memory is so bad 😂 Especially after hearing how devastated the ending of this book is leaving readers lol! Great job on the Tropeathon challenge too! I hope you have a great month in March 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! I don’t blame you. I have to say that though many people have been devastated by the ending of the second book (and there is a sad aspect), I was too freaking excited about another aspect of the ending to even care anymore. LOL! I was SUPER excited. I hope you have a great March, too, Dini!!


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